WIBTA if I gave a restaurant near me a suggestion on the way they handle orders?

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Okay Reddit , I have been thinking about this for a while now, and figured I’d ask for an honest opinion here and see what you all think..

So basically not too long ago a Mexican restaurant opened up near me..About fifteen minutes away from my house. It’s a really good place and the people seem friendly too, and although they did struggle with orders and other things at times ((at least from past complaints I’ve heard anyway)) I defended them by saying “Well they’re a brand new restaurant figuring stuff out, and it’s during the Pandemic you can’t expect them to be perfect immediately..”

Low and behold, they did get better later on, however there’s one thing they do that baffles me..They don’t write names on the orders. Example: Let’s say that someone named Sarah Smith orders a Chicken Chimchanga ala carte..

They do not write Sarah Smith or her first or last name, they just write her order down then when she arrives along with other people, they ask what they order then go through different orders trying to find hers before handing it over..

The problem here is sometimes the cashier has to go through several things before finding the order and there are times from what I’ve witnessed where the person picking up the food didn’t know what everyone else ordered so they have to call/text their friend and ask , so the cashier can find it based on what was ordered alone..

My question is this, would I be the asshole if I gave them some advice and suggested they write people’s names down on the orders? I worked at a restaurant for a couple years before Covid unfortunately closed us down , so I have some experience, not to mention I don’t know of any other restaurants who doesn’t take the person’s name. I wouldn’t be rude or a smart ass, about it, I just want to make things go a lot easier for them and the customers and can’t understand why they don’t take a first or last name. Some say they don’t think so since I’m not being rude and just giving some advice but others say they aren’t sure since it could come off as rude, what do all of you think?


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