When is FarmVille ending in 2020? Is it still on Facebook?

There’s always rumours about games shutting down such as Roblox and Minecraft, and these always come from websites that don’t even try to hide the fact that they’re prank sites where anyone can post anything. However, when it comes to the popular FarmVille, there are legitimate worries thanks to Adobe Flash shutting down. Here you’ll discover why and when FarmVille is ending in 2020 as it continues to still be on Facebook.

In addition to the likes of FarmVille, there have been some refuted concerns about numerous Flash Player games shutting down this year such as Cool Math Games. There’s been an imploring from people to preserve the legacy of games which make up the history of Flash, but some titles are bound to be discontinued.

And below you’ll discover when the hit farming game is ending in 2020 as it continues to still be on Facebook for not much longer.

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Is FarmVille still on Facebook?

Yes, FarmVille is still on Facebook.

There have been some complaints about the game not working or being down, but FarmVille is still on Facebook for a little bit longer.

You shouldn’t get too attached though because – as of this moment – its support is scheduled to be discontinued in the very near future.

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When is FarmVille ending in 2020?

FarmVille is ending in 2020 on December 31st.

This is when FarmVille is ending on Facebook because of how Adobe will stop supporting and updating Flash Player.

Zynga Support say that they are committed to supporting the game until the end of 2020 and that they are looking for avenues beyond Flash Player.

However, as of this moment, FarmVille will no longer be supported on Facebook come the end of the year.

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