What’s the deal with vaporizers? Are they dangerous, more dangerous. I like to smoke but need to be cool for a year. Are vapes okay?

I’m assuming you’re not talking about a dry herb cape, but cartridges. If so, you only want to use cartridges that you know have been tested properly, like those we have here in Colorado.

If you’re in an illegal place, or a legal place that doesn’t regulate well (looking at you and all of your still open, unlicensed and illegal dispensaries, California), stay far away from carts. Fungicides, heavy metals, vitamin e and other things that are not safe to heat and inhale have been found in those regularly, leading to that rash of deaths. A big part of that is people buying empty carts and filling them with their own homemade, mass-produced junk.

If you can get your hands on a dry herb vape and decent flower, that’s the best option, imo.

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