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She also said the fact that cannabinoids for pets aren’t federally regulated, vets aren’t always sure about what’s in black market products.

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“Sometimes they have contaminants like pesticides or heavy metals, sometimes they have THC in them and they’re not supposed to, sometimes they have more CBD, sometimes they have less CBD than what’s on the label,” said Silcox, who urged those intent on administering their pets CBD to purchase products through government stores.

“So if you’re considering using a cannabis product like CBD for your pets, work with your veterinarian,” she said. “We cannot prescribe it but what we can do is advise you on safer usage. I can direct them to a product sold through the legal market that I think is going to be most appropriate for their pet and I can advise them how to administer that as safely as possible. Those products are intended for human consumption but half of the drugs that we use in veterinary practice are intended for human consumption, so that’s nothing new for us.”

Silcox said dosing depends on factors such as the size of an animal, adding CBD products are “generally very well tolerated and a relatively safe product.”

While no “lethal dose” has been established, CBD oil can have side effects such as sleepiness and diarrhea, she added.

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