What kind of prescriber should I see and also be able to get a doctors note

I feel like medical marijuana would help more than the medicine that i take. I’ve been taking antidepressants and sedatives for years and they don’t do much but when they do, it doesn’t last. Im currently in a mental health court program and there is no drug use allowed; get called in for urine samples randomly. I already got caught using once,went to jail for it, and i was supposed to get out in December but now it sounds like I’ll have to wait another year. Everyone keeps pushing these pills on me, thinking that it helps with my depression, anxiety and ptsd. But it doesn’t and they see it as a problem if I don’t take it. Even though I’m still the same when im on it or not. Plus im required to see a psychiatrist but I doubt he’ll prescribe in marijuana. Any suggestions?

(Sorry this was lengthy, just thought i should share the details)

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