What is Medical Cannabis Oil and is it Legal?

Ever wonder what medical cannabis oil is, and whether it is legal? What is CBD oil, and why has it proven to be so effective in treating many illnesses?

Medical Cannabis Oil – Legal or Not?

In recent years cannabidiol (CBD) oil has built a glowing reputation. Mainstream medical circles are increasingly using cannabis oil. Because it can fight – and even cure –  numerous serious medical conditions. Cannabis oil has been around for a very long time. It is widely used throughout the world to treat uncountable diseases.

Health-E News notes that the legal status of medical cannabis oil is confusing. “…most South Africans remain confused on the issue, including some members of the South African Police Service… The confusion has arisen because although the courts ruled that the use of cannabis by people at home is now legal, the matter was taken to the Supreme Court of Appeal where a final ruling will be made.”

In the UK, cannabis is illegal. No one can use CBD unless they are licensed. And in the USA, medical CBD is legal in some states, not all.

Medical CBD or Medical THC?

The most common cannabinoids found in cannabis are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBDCBD is a natural therapy used to treat all kinds of human ailments. It is a natural anti-psychotic anti inflammatory, anti-depressant and anti-convuslant. THC, on the other hand, gives the user a high. It is therefore frequently used for recreational relaxing. Many people use it illegally.

The CBD/THC combination makes an extremely powerful antidote to pain and disease. This blend can provide people with a fighting chance when struggling with serious conditions like cancer, epilepsy, fibromyalgia or arthritis. These are only a few of the maladies that respond very well to medical CBD oil and THC oil.

THC oil is extremely effective at relieving nausea, pain and lack of appetite. It also treats muscle spasticity in people with multiple sclerosis.

Is Medical Cannabis Oil Legal?

It is not legal to purchase cannabis oil online. Some manufacturers evade this by offering CBD oil made from industrial hemp, legal in some countries. Hemp is low in THC. It is largely a nutritional supplement with strong CBD levels.  We strongly warn against buying CBD oil online from disreputable sellers.

Our cannabis extracts are lab-tested for purity and potency. They are unparalleled in quality and potency. Our products are also tailor-made to meet your unique medical needs. We adapt them to your specific needs.

California recently issued 1400 licenses for businesses to sell cannabis legally for all purposes. Cannabis is still deemed a schedule 1 drug by the USA federal government, on a par with heroine! How can weed be legal in California but the authorities ban cannabis in some edibles?

Medical Cannabis is Popular

Everyone can get hold of cannabis oil somewhere. In California, though, there is a catch – buying cannabis is very expensive  and it is taxed. Licences cost plenty of dollars which could encourage the black market to keep on blooming. Californian residents are restricted as to where they buy their cannabis. Nothing much has changed in the past 20 years: medical cannabis has been legal and few people were ever prosecuted for carrying it around.

Every law in the world will be different. People need to obey and use medical cannabis oil sensibly. If cannabis oil becomes legal in South Africa, obey the rules and regulations! Chat to Medical Cannabis Oil about your medical cannabis oil needs. We will sort out the legal side.

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