What could have caused me to black out after injesting pot via vaporiser?

TL; DR: I (32F) had a hit of weed (green no tobacco) via vaporiser and ended up blacking out (intense spins, ears ringing, blacked out/lost conciousness) wondering if this means weed is bad for me, if it’s my meds, or if the way I injested was bad?

Background: I suffer from hypertension so take blood pressure medication as well as meds for hypothyroidism. I also have low iron due to excessive adenomyosis bleeding and have been on various types of birth control to try and manage it (sometimes 2-3 at a time). I used to smoke a lot when I was younger, bong hits and joints, but hadn’t smoked for a few years. Never really had any issues when I was smoking. I am overweight although happy to say I’ve lost 10 kilos since November 2020 and still going. At the time of this story though I would have been heavy.

Story: So in 2019 it was the end of a very full-on year and my partner and I decided to have a pizza, Netflix, and pot kind of night.

So after a long day at work where it was hot and I was probably a bit heat exhausted, dehydrated and probably hadn’t eaten enough, I came home and we ordered pizza. My partner had the pot and at the time he had taken to injesting it via a vaporiser so I did the same. I hadn’t smoked in a few years, so just had a little bit (or what I thought was a little bit) and didn’t have any alcohol or any other substance. The weed was home-grown by a good friend of ours who doesn’t sell, just grows for his own use and occasionally gives us some.

Feeling pretty good, sitting at the table happily watching the silly domino’s pizza tracking app. I then start to feel dizzy. I mean really fucking dizzy, the room was spinning and I start to hear a loud ringing in my ear. I think I managed to tell my partner I was dizzy and he told me to breathe.

Next thing it’s black but I hear this very very loud ringing in my ears and I’m watching some crazy lights. It was odd, like it looked like an old ultrasound image where it’s the V-shape with the photo in the V, only this was swirling colours. I hear my name a few times and start to come to.

My body is numb, I can’t move my arms and I start to panic thinking I’ve had a stroke. Slowly, ever so slowly I’m able to start regaining full conciousness and when I’m ready, my partner is able to get me sitting up on the floor.

I start to feel better, pizza arrives, and he gets me something to drink with to try and help me feel better, as well as some food. Once I feel able I get up to sit at the kitchen table…and things go downhill again. I start to feel really unwell, room starts to spin, ringing starts, and I feel like I’m going to pass out again. I freak out, begging him to call an ambulance, worried I’ve done something really bad.

He gets me to lay down on the couch, and I immediately feel better. Everything stops and I feel like I am okay. After that the night consisted of me staying on the couch and sitting up slowly, and needing help to bed.

As a result, I haven’t touched any pot since. I’m not sure if this was because I hadn’t eaten much that day/dehydrated/fatigued, or if the weed caused my blood pressure to lower too much since I’m on meds for it, or if my method of injection (vaporiser) didn’t agree with me.

I’d like to maybe try again because I enjoy the nice low-key buzz, just in joint form (can’t do edibles lose my mind on those) but worried it’ll cause me to lose conciousness again.

Has anyone had an experience like that or might have some insight as to factors that may have contributed to a complete blackout?

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