Weed and erectile dysfunction (tmi?)

I made a post recently about havin what I would consider severe ED. I did not get morning wood, couldn’t get hard by myself or with a chick. This was a new problem for me and I was pretty certain it was due to smoking a lot of weed everyday for the last 3-4 months. Felt obligated to post this update since it’s been a week since I quit smoking and the post got a lot of comments of guys saying that weed did not have any negative effects on them like that

I am now getting morning wood and can get hard by myself again. Very relieved as I’m very healthy and did not understand why this was happening. I wanted to post this incase any other dude out there is having this problem. It could be the weed. Obviously this is very unfortunate as I love weed. I may try to experiment and see if it was the smoke, the amount, or the frequency that was causing this problem for me

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