Victims of a scam, three people rent the same holiday residence: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Victims of a scam, three people rent the same holiday residence: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

They were getting ready to spend a dream vacation, they quickly turned into a nightmare. According to an article published on the France Bleu Gascogne website, three people were reportedly scammed on the classifieds site The good corner. A man, named Célestin, had moved three days ago in Cathy’s house, which he had rented for the holidays, when he was surprised to see a group of young people arrive at the door, ready to take possession of the premises. Célestin tells our colleagues that the young people in question “had paid in full and could not stay and left for Spain”, a few kilometers from Tarnos in the Basque Country, where the house was located.

“Everyone cried”

Two hours later, it was Vincent and all his little family who came to ring the doorbell of the house, which they thought they had reserved two months earlier. Very quickly, Vincent understands that he was victim of a scam.Everyone cried He tells the radio. “We had the children who saw the swimming pool, who were delighted to come into the house and it’s all the savings of a year that go up in smoke, he adds. children who are extremely unhappy “. To prevent other families like his from falling victim to a similar scam, Vincent detailed to our colleagues how the scheme had been put together.

The ad published on The good corner “included all the elements of the real ad, which was on AirBnB, with some photos and others that he (the forger, ed.) had kept under the elbow, he explains. During our discussions, when we asked for other photos and explanations of the pool, he answered us very clearly. And apparently the other group the same. “He adds that in both cases the same assumed name was used, “Frédéric Brault”. In addition, all exchanges took place by email or text. “My cousin made reservations. She was the one who had the discussions. Every time she tried to call it didn’t answer but as there was a text message elsewhere, she said to herself that the person was busy and as the answers were rather precise, we did not suspect more than that. “Following this mishap, Vincent strongly recommends not to never make a transfer online and to have a telephone conversation with the owner of the property.

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