Trip to Amsterdam this weekend, looking for a bit of advice and tips for a first Marijuana smoker please ??

Hi guys would really appreciate a bit of help for a newbie couple. We’re not looking to get smashed, we’re just a couple who’ve been working from home since March and we’re super stressed and exhausted.

I’ve always been interested in Weed but never actually tried it.

So just looking for advice so we don’t get ripped off or scammed or have a bad experience.

We’d like to try something mellow and chilled. Any advice appreciated.

Someone mentioned The Greenhouse coffee shop and an old friend always speaks of Barneys however I’ve read that both can be a bit pretentious purely because of the number celebrities who visit them.

What do you guys suggest? We’re there for 4 days.

Where would you go and what would you recommend for first timers.

Thanks in advance for your advice ??

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