Traveling with CBD: Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane?

While it’s easy enough to take CBD around town with you, can you take CBD oil on a plane? For most people, it’s quick and easy, yes, but like most answers on the internet, it depends. Most hemp-based products are just fine to travel with, but some may contain THC levels that aren’t allowed in certain states.

For example, Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota have declared CBD in any form to be illegal, so if you have any and want to fly out of one of their airports, chances are your supplements will be confiscated. You may even face legal consequences. It’s important to know the laws for each state.

Regardless, some people are still confused about the legality of traveling with CBD. Let’s take a look at what’s legal to fly with and what isn’t.

What Is the Law?

A man sitting at his desk frustrated

A man sitting at his desk frustrated

Since 2018 when the Hemp Farming Bill became law, it has been legal to grow and sell hemp-based products. But there’s a catch: all products must contain less than 0.2% THC. Because THC is psychoactive, it can have unwanted side effects for those taking CBD for medicinal reasons. Farmers are required to grow specific varieties that don’t contain more than a trace amount.

While both hemp and marijuana are cannabis products, hemp is a specific variety bred to have very little THC content. Hemp products are usually extracted from stalks and seeds, rather than flowers and buds like marijuana.

Federally, hemp products have been made legal so long as they stay under the allotted limit, but not all products contain the same amounts of cannabis compounds.

Even with all these federal laws, though, states are still within their rights to interpret those laws how they see fit.

CBD Oil & Hemp Oil—What’s the Difference?

Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant through a variety of techniques, such as cold pressing or CO2 extraction. These methods not only glean the essential oil from the plant, but they preserve its terpenes and flavinols as well, delivering the plant’s unique profile characteristics to users.

CBD is a specific cannabinoid of the hemp plant. It can be included with the plant’s terpenes and flavinols, or it can be isolated and sold in a dry powder form. CBD isolate is completely free of THC, while hemp oil can be expected to contain at least trace amounts of it. However, some hemp oil contains more.

The last thing you want when traveling is to have TSA go through your luggage and find an illegal controlled substance in your possession. If you see terms like full-spectrum on your supplement’s label, get a look at its lab report to see how much THC it contains. That way, you can avoid bringing THC into any states where it is illegal for recreational use.

So, while the terms CBD oil and hemp oil are used interchangeably, they don’t really mean the same thing.

Traveling throughout the US

A hemp field

A hemp fieldYou got yourself CBD to take on the plane, you’re sure it falls within your state’s laws, and now you’re wondering if it’s safe to bring it where you’re going (we’re under the assumption that you don’t have a prescription since that falls under a completely different set of statutes). Didn’t the Hemp Farming Bill make it legal to have CBD anywhere in the country? Unfortunately not.

Are you traveling to Idaho, Nebraska, or South Dakota? If so, bring CBD at your own risk. These states declare any recreational CBD to be illegal, so traveling with it could put you in jeopardy of criminal penalties.

Of course, there are plenty of states where it is legal to have CBD, and they don’t mind you taking a supplement onto a plane and going somewhere else. You may be able to get through their airport without any trouble, but the safer (and more legal) plan is to just not bring any illegal substances into those states.

Visiting Other Countries with CBD Oil

If you’re planning to travel internationally, it’s easy enough to find laws about CBD oil and whether or not it’s legal to bring with you. Since you will have to declare all your belongings to customs, it’s crucial that you stay within the law, as misrepresenting your possessions could have drastic consequences.

You (probably) have a smartphone—take a couple of minutes as you plan your itinerary and look at your destination’s laws first. It’s worth the trouble.

Ensuring Your Products Are Legal

cbdfx about us

cbdfx about usEven when a vendor tells you there’s no THC in your CBD oil, it’s worth checking the lab reports. These reports don’t come cheap, so vendors that provide them are usually more likely to be trusted than ones that don’t.

A lab report will detail the exact amounts of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids in your supplement. On top of that, you’ll also have an idea of whether or not the hemp was grown with any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides—all of which can make for a less effective product.

To make things even more confusing, not all labs offer the same level of accuracy in their testing. Some equipment carries a higher margin of error than others. What a quandary, huh?

So how can you tell which brands offer accurate results about their products?

One good rule of thumb is to avoid the cheapest products you find on Amazon or in a smoke shop. These vendors don’t care about the quality of their products. And in some cases, the products they sell don’t even contain real CBD!

It’s important to find an established vendor with a history of good products. Check their inventory. Shops that sell a comprehensive line of CBD products for all lifestyles are more likely to have reliable lab reports. Why? Because they have more to spend on them.

You should also read the customer reviews. Sure, these aren’t always the most accurate way to gauge a vendor’s reputation. However, customers who are pleased with a product get that way because they’re sold an effective supplement.

Do your homework, read the lab reports, and don’t buy the cheapest product you can find.

Don’t Break the Law

Just because you can get away with something doesn’t mean you should. Sure, it would be nice if the US just legalized all CBD products. However, until that happens, being caught with a controlled substance can put you facing real penalties. Stay within the law.

The best way to feel confident that your CBD conforms to the law is to buy from a reputable vendor.

Doing it right is worth it.

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