‘They’re not going to stop us’ — medical marijuana advocates push forward in Nebraska

With the election 10 days away, a lot of issues in Nebraska will be at stake.

One that won’t be is a vote nearly 200,000 people were expecting when they signed an initiative petition in the past year — mostly during a pandemic — to allow Nebraskans to vote on whether medical cannabis should be legal in this state.

Crista Eggers, a mom with a 6-year-old son, Colton, who has intractable seizures, was one of those voters working through the spring and summer to qualify the initiative petition for the 2020 ballot.

Colton has tried more than 12 pharmaceutical medications and 20 combinations to treat his seizures. The drugs haven’t worked, and there’s not a lot more doctors can do to help him, although they keep trying, his mom said.

It is for that reason Eggers found herself in David City in late spring, sitting at a table in front of the post office there, waiting for someone to come by and sign a petition that would allow a vote on medical cannabis.

She didn’t have a lot of confidence she would be successful getting the number of names she needed for Butler County, but she was there. Within five minutes of the time she arrived, a truck carrying three men had come to a stop at the light about 20 feet from her. [Read more at Star Herald]

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