‘They’re not going to stop us’ — medical marijuana advocates push forward

It was a lot of time away from her family, she said.

People counted them out in March when COVID-19 stopped petition drives. And they counted them out in May when they still had 123,000 signatures to collect.

But they learned that if you want something bad enough and you’re willing to work hard enough, no amount of challenges are going to get in the way, Wishart said.

Another big lesson is that the Legislature needs to show up in 2021 and do its job and put into place a safe medical cannabis system, she said.

“We should have done it seven years ago. But enough is enough.”

The polling shows well more than 70% of Nebraskans support it, she said.

Barry Rubin, government and public affairs consultant and president of Heartland Strategy Group, managed the signature-gathering effort in the last two months of the campaign.

He’s unabashedly critical of the Supreme Court, knowing that a number of constitutional experts in Nebraska and other states vetted the petition language and saw the…

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