The Most Elite Celeb Beauty Experts Just Approved These 16 Items for Your Vanity

Unlike other popular beauty retailers, Violet Grey has its very own cohort of Hollywood experts and editors (from celebs to makeup artists to the world’s best skin savants) specifically recruited and called upon to test, review, and rank the ever-evolving beauty market. Simply put, if a product isn’t practically perfect (or, honestly, totally perfect) in every way, you simply won’t find it on the retailer’s website.

Each and every month, our friends over at Violet Grey keep us abreast of the new edits and launches that have most recently gained their approval, and this month, the offerings were so good we simply had to share. From skincare to haircare to a bath foam so fantastic you’ll refuse to leave your tub, we’re sharing the best new beauty products to launch at Violet Grey this October. Keep scrolling!

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