The 14 Best Strains for Creativity


A 55% hybrid with near 20% THC on average, Chemdawg is a classic strain often used as a parenting plant when cross-breeding new cultivars of cannabis – In fact, Chemdawg contributes to many of the strains featured in this list. With bright green, tightly packed buds, Chemdawg’s sharp diesel-like scent is very noticeable, and it’s effects may be even moreso. While this strain is known for getting the creative juices flowing be warned, as too many puffs may see you locked to your nearest couch.

Shiva Skunk

Another of our indica dominant recommendations (with a parentage of the aforementioned Northern Lights crossed with Skunk #1), Shiva Skunk is another strain destined to help you use your imagination as much as possible while still leaving you feeling clear-headed and energetic. With an average THC level of between 13%-20%, expect to only need a bit of this indica hybrid before you’re feeling it’s full effects. Shiva Skunk is also popular among medical marijuana patients, often used by those suffering from stress, depression, and even intense migraines.

OG Kush

If looking for high THC content strains, the well-known OG Kush has you covered – An average of between 20%-25% THC levels means this strain will definitely help your spirits feel lifted. A sharply pine-flavored weed, expect a lot of coughing from first-time smokers, and a spicy, dank aroma that will linger in the room. Users of OG Kush report a calming euphoric sensation that doesn’t come with an intense head rush; excellent for centering one’s body and mind prior to an artistic endeavor.

Wrapping Up

We hope our list of the best cannabis strains for creativity has helped spark some imaginative thoughts of your own. And though the cannabis strains we’ve listed above will certainly help kick your brain activity into gear it’s worth noting that there are no “magic strains” that will suddenly unleash your inner Picasso.

Artists and other creatives know that while altering their minds through substances can be both fun and increase their productivity (be that via cannabis products, caffeine, LSD, or whatever other chemicals get their engines started), the best prescription for any creative endeavor will always be relaxing, opening your mind, and getting settled into whatever process your creativity wants to take. Remember: No cannabis strains in the world will compensate for a clear heart and mind. Getting out in nature is always a good start too!

Still – However you choose to reach your Creativity Zone a couple of puffs likely won’t hurt, and be they indica or sativa the strains we recommend above should give you both a cerebral high and a body high that will at least make your creativity and related efforts more fun. Happy smoking!

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