Super Mario 64: This Twitch Streamer beats the game using an Electric Drum kit under an hour!

Super Mario 64 is a video game that was released back in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. Also, it was the first 3D game in the Super Mario series.

Super Mario 64 has allowed the speedrunners to showcase their skills by achieving insane speed records for a long time. Well, a Twitch streamer CZR recently, achieved this by speedrunning SM64 using an electric drum kit. In this, the drums, cymbals, and pedals were properly mapped to the controls of the Nintendo 64.

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CZR, recently proved himself at speedrunning when he successfully completed another N64 classic. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time within 30 minutes. He also attempted a “Drum%” run of Super Mario 64 in the 16-star category.

This is quite tough to achieve with a normal controller. But, still, CZR managed to pull it off with his drums. He clocked in at 1:25:15 in his first attempt. Well, that record was broken earlier this week. He brought the Super Marion 64’s 16-star run in just 56:36 which is under an hour.

Well, CZR made a lot of mistakes and if he would have done better then he might have achieved this in a bit more little time. Well, he even did that recently by achieving the Drum% speed record of 45:16.

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However, this might be too far from the current record of just 14:59 time, which was set by speedrunner Akki in the month of May. However, CZI said that he believes that he will be able to do a bit more good and will perhaps improve his record. And, apart from all these, the most exciting part is that the Super Mario 64 players have finally discovered Luigi in the game.

Super Mario 64 is playable on Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo 64.

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