Stat trends we love and hate to see from Week 1 on Apple Podcasts

Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don are here to talk all things football and Week 2 on the latest episode of the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast!

First up, our analysts discuss some of the biggest Week 1 trends from the opening act. Some we love: The Seahawks becoming a most pass-heavy team and allowing themselves to #LetRussCook, the Bills cutting loose with play-action passes (tops in the NFL in Week 1!), Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Austin Ekeler being top-10 in RB routes run (breathe Ekeler managers, breathe), Diontae Johnson commanding targets in the Steelers receiving corps, and Gardner Minshew being almost perfect.

There were some trends we hated too, though, like the bottom-five teams in early down success rate (yikes, Eagles), the results for Odell Beckham Jr., Nick Chubb, James Conner, Tom Brady, and Dallas’ offensive line.

Next up, Matt and Dalton’s new segment titled “Who Got Shelled,” where they discuss a defense or defensive player who got absolutely shelled the prior week, then they’ll dive into the data and point out the defensive matchups you might want to take advantage of the following Sunday. In Week 1, whoever was guarding or trying to guard DeAndre Hopkins and Davante Adams definitely got shelled! Our analysts also reveal who they think will get shelled in Week 2.

Remember to stay tuned to the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, which will now have FIVE new episodes per week!

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