RO crowdfunding platform SeedBlink to list three new projects in October

Romanian start-ups Oncochain, Mocapp, and Apiary Book will carry out funding campaigns on the Romanian equity crowdfunding platform this month, Ziarul Financiar reported.

They join two other projects announced for listing in the next period: Voxi Kids and Cassa Software.


Oncochain develops a cloud research software platform for patients, which uses blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure personalized healthcare and efficiency, facilitating the exchange information in an integrated way.

According to an interview with ZF IT Generation in April, Oncochain needs about EUR 450,000 to fund international expansion.

Mocapp has developed a platform for influencer marketing campaigns that optimizes the processes required for online campaigns – from identifying the most suitable content creators to contract automation.

Apiary Book is an app for beekeepers. It allows users to keep track of the number, health, and maintenance of each bee family, treatments carried out, and other operations in the field of beekeeping.

So far, 17 fundraising campaigns have taken place on the platform, of which 15 for start-ups, including Brio, Cyscale, Ringhiel, Kinderpedia, and SanoPass.

(Photo: Andranik Hakobayan/ Dreamstime)

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