Questions that need answers: research needs to keep pace with escalating cannabis issues – The Hill Times

As a seasoned researcher in the field of cannabis and cannabinoid pharmacology, there are a few key areas where the current lack of information and knowledge gaps raise concerns. Some of these gaps in knowledge have been the topic of research for decades, while others have emerged much more recently. The changing and evolving landscape of cannabis use has intensified the need for answers and has raised new questions. Discussing both the established and emerging areas where research data is either lacking or still accumulating, is complicated by the informational milieu, which includes real-world experience, anecdotes, advertorials, academic research, industry marketing, and educational material from diverse sources. The situation is further convoluted by a variety of conflicts of interest. This is exacerbated by the blurring of dichotomy between non-medical and medical use, whereby a perceived “harm” in the former case may be a manageable side-effect in the latter.

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