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Best Bar to Dance In

1st – Mad Myrna’s

2nd – Carousel Lounge

3rd – Koot’s

Best Bartender

1st – JD at Timeout Lounge

2nd – Rachel at Longbranch

3rd – Kayla Mock

Best Bloody Mary

1st – Humpy’s

2nd – Spenard Roadhouse

3rd – F Street Station

Best Brewery

1st – King Street Brewing

2nd – 49th State Brewing

3rd – Midnight Sun Brewery

Best Craft Cocktails

1st – Fiori D’Italia

2nd – Van’s Dive Bar

3rd – Ginger

Best Dive Bar

1st – Van’s Dive Bar

2nd – Carousel Lounge

3rd – Time Out Lounge

Best Gay Bar

1st – Mad Myrna’s

2nd – Van’s Dive Bar

3rd – Koot’s

Best Karaoke Bar

1st – Asia Garden

2nd – Carousel Lounge

3rd – Blue Fox

Best Local Beer

1st – 49th State Brewing

2nd – Anchorage Brewing Company

3rd – Midnight Sun Brewing

Best Margarita

1st – Bear Tooth

2nd – Gallo’s

3rd – La Mex

Best Martini

1st – Fiori D’Italia

2nd – Crow’s Nest

3rd – Suite 100

Best Night Club

1st – Mad Myrna’s

2nd – Carousel Lounge

3rd – Bernie’s Bungalow

Best Outdoor Atmosphere

1st – 49th State Brewing

2nd – Bernie’s Bungalow

3rd – Bradley House

Best Place to Play Darts

1st – Carousel Lounge

2nd – Cabin Tavern

3rd – Buckaroo Club

Best Place to Play Pool

1st – Carousel Lounge

2nd – Flattop Pizza + Pool

3rd – Buckaroo Club

Best Sports Bar

1st – 907 Alehouse

2nd – Peanut Farm

3rd – Crossroads Lounge

Best Strip Club

1st – Great Alaskan Bush Company

2nd – Koot’s

3rd – Club Sinrock

Best Tap Selection

1st – Humpy’s

2nd – 49th State Brewing

3rd – Hearth Artisan Pizza

Best Wine Shop

1st – Winestyles of Anchorage

2nd – Crush Bistro

3rd – Brown Jug

Best Atmosphere

1st – Raspberry Roots

2nd – Catalyst Cannabis

3rd – Great Northern Cannabis

Best Budtender

1st – T Chavera

2nd – Samantha Rodgers

3rd – Devon Deptula

Best CBD Oil Brand

1st – Canamo

2nd – Frontier CBDs

3rd – Alaska Cannabis Exchange

Best Cultivation

1st – Raspberry Roots

2nd – Catalyst Cannabis

3rd – Great Northern Cannabis

Best Customer Service

1st – Raspberry Roots

2nd – Enlighten Alaska

3rd – Great Northern Cannabis

Best Dispensary

1st – Raspberry Roots

2nd – King Street Cannabis

3rd – Enlighten AK

Best Edibles Brand

1st – Northern Delights

2nd – Chef Bombshell

3rd – MoMo’s Bakery

Best Flower

1st – Raspberry Roots

2nd – Catalyst Cannabis

3rd – Great Northern Cannabis

Best Head Shop

1st – Planet X

2nd – King Street Cannabis

3rd – Popeye’s Emporium

Best Inventory

1st – Enlighten AK

2nd (tie) – Great Northern Cannabis/Raspberry Roots

3rd – Catalyst Cannabis

Best Pre-rolls

1st – Raspberry Roots

2nd – Catalyst Cannabis

3rd – Great Northern Cannabis

Best Local Hand Sanitizer

1st – Denali Spirits

2nd – 49th State Solstice IPA Sanitizer

3rd – Alaska Proof

Best Place to Get a Mask

1st – Common Goods Masks

2nd – The Lacy Lounge

3rd – Alaska Mask Makers

Best Place to Get Tested

1st – Providence Drive-Thru Testing

2nd – Loussac Library Drive-Up

3rd – Ted Stevens International Airport

Best Quarantine Activity

1st – Cannabis

2nd – Quality time with family

3rd – Binge watching TV

Best Virtual Event

1st – Zoom Classes with Sweet Cheeks Cabaret

2nd – Burnin With Bombshell

3rd – Mad Myrna’s Drag Show

Politician You’d Most Want to Hunker Down with

1st – None

2nd – Forest Dunbar

3rd – Mayor Adam West


Best Actor

1st – Cameron Morrison

2nd – Frank Delaney

3rd – Amable

Best Actress

1st – Rebecca Gamache

2nd – Regina Welch

3rd – Krista Schwarting

Best Burlesque Performer

1st – Lady Duchess

2nd – Bunnicula Blanc

3rd – Violet Leevamp

Best Antique Store

1st – Pat Rack Antiques

2nd – ReThink Used Furnishing & Decor

3rd – Ozarks

Best Art Gallery

1st – Stephan Fine Arts

2nd – Dos Manos Gallery

3rd – Sevigny Studios

Best Athlete

1st – Kikkan Randall

2nd – Joshua Yancha

3rd – Katnado

Best Band – Cover

1st – Danger Money

2nd – Rogues & Wenches

3rd – I Like Robots

Best Band – Original

1st – 36 Crazyfists

2nd – Rogues & Wenches

3rd – Medium Build

Best Blogger

1st – One Hot Mess Alaska

2nd – Rachel Ayers

3rd – AK Concerts

Best Bookstore

1st – Title Wave Books

2nd – The Writer’s Block

3rd – Barnes & Noble

Best Burlesque Show

1st – Sweet Cheeks Cabaret

2nd – VivaVoom

3rd – Gracie Goodnight Productions

Best Club DJ

1st – DJ Blaque

2nd – DJ Greg, aka Mr. Awesome

3rd – DJ Spencer Lee

Best Dance Studio

1st – Alaska Dance Theater

2nd – Underground Dance Company

3rd – Studio Pulse Center for Dance

Best Drag Artist

1st – Hank VanDickerson

2nd – Ivanna Kischacok

3rd – Goldie Delicious

Best Exotic Dancer

1st – Pandora LaPush

2nd – Violet Leevamp

3rd – Nales

Best First Friday Venue

1st – The Writer’s Block

2nd – Stephan’s Fine Art

3rd – Moose a la Mode

Best Hip-Hop Artist

1st – Phoebe Fabrique

2nd – Alaska Redd

3rd – DC the Savage

Best Live Theater Company

1st – Alaska Sound Celebration

2nd – Sweet Cheeks Cabaret

3rd – TBA Theater

Best Live Theater Venue

1st – The Cheeky Room at MBC DOW

2nd – Mad Myrna’s

3rd – Alaska Center for the Performing Arts

Best Local TV Newscast

1st – KTUU

2nd – KTVA Daybreak

Best Mobile DJ

1st – DJ Blaque

2nd – DJ Spencer Lee

3rd – DJ Fractal Theory

Best Museum

1st – Anchorage Museum

2nd – Anchorage Museum of Science and Nature

3rd – Alaska Aviation Museum

Best Music Venue

1st – Van’s Dive Bar

2nd – Koot’s

3rd – Williwaw Social

Best New Band

1st – Pipeline Vocal Project

2nd – Anchorage Cabarets

3rd – Ghosts of Sunset

Best Open Mic

1st – Van’s Dive Bar

2nd – Koot’s

3rd – Carousel Lounge

Best Piercing

1st – The Hole Look

2nd – Body Piercing Unlimited

3rd – Blake Thomas

Best Photographer

1st – Joshua Veldstra Photography

2nd – Caitlin Pobieglo

3rd – Gutierrez Photography

Best Podcast

1st – The School of Woo Woo

2nd – The Blaze Bell Show

3rd – The Jungle Room Podcast

Best Print Journalist

1st – RJ Johnson

2nd – Julia O’Malley

3rd – Dermot Cole

Best Radio DJ

1st – Casey B

2nd – Bob Lester

3rd – Malie Delgado

Best Radio Station

1st – KSKA 91.1 FM

2nd – KBER 104.1 FM

3rd – KZND 94.7 FM

Best Talk Show Host

1st – Casey B

2nd – Bob Lester

3rd – Mike Ford

Best Set/Costume Designer

1st – Phoebe Fabrique

2nd – Brigitte Hofmann

3rd – Jennifer Wright

Best Singer/Songwriter

1st – Becky Kotter

2nd – Myra Maines

3rd – Emma Hill

Best Sound Tech

1st – Lucy Peckham

2nd – Allen Nielsen

3rd – Henry Hartman

Best Sports Team

1st – Rage City Roller Derby

2nd – UAA Seawolves Hockey

3rd – Alaska Quarantined Chug Buds

Best Stand Up Comic

1st – Justin Hoyt

2nd – Sabrina Speers

3rd – Matt Collins

Best Tattoo Parlor

1st – The Hole Look

2nd – Body Piercing Unlimited

3rd – Larry Allen & Associates

Best TV Personality

1st – Maria Downey

2nd – Jackie Purcell

3rd – Steve MacDonald

Best Visual Artist

1st – Amanda Rose Warren

2nd – Annie Brace

3rd – V Rae

Best Vocalist – Female

1st – Violet Lee Vamp

2nd – Megan Killoran

3rd – Regina Welch

Best Vocalist – Male

1st – Nick Carpenter

2nd – Ken Peltier

3rd – Peter Ettinger


Best Aesthetician

1st – Esthetics by Hanna

2nd – Kelly Sweany

3rd – Katie Chadwick

Best Chiropractor

1st – Ave’ Holistic Health & Chiropractic

2nd – Whole Family Chiropractic

3rd – Adam Groch

Best Counseling

1st – Wisdom Traditions

2nd – Cornerstone Clinic

3rd – Counseling Solutions of Alaska

Best Crossfit

1st – Turnagain Crossfit

2nd – Crossfit Alaska

3rd – Planet Fitness

Best Day/Medi Spa

1st – The Skinlife MedSpa

2nd – Accent Center for Ear, Nose and Throat

3rd – Catelyn’s Place Day Spa

Best Dentist

1st – Chase Lundin

2nd – Caitlin Barnes

3rd – Huffman Family Dentistry

Best Dermatologist

1st – Janine Miller

2nd – Robert Moreland

3rd – Roy E. Howard

Best Eye Care

1st – Makar Eyecare

2nd – Dimond Vision

3rd – Alaska Eyecare Center

Best Gynecologist

1st – Advanced Midwifery and Wellness

2nd – Anchorage Women’s Clinic

3rd – Cindy Earley

Best Health Club

1st – Pure Barre

2nd – Vib Cycle

3rd – Rys Fitness

Best Imaging

1st – Providence Imaging Center

2nd – Imaging Associates

3rd – Alaska Imaging

Best Nurse

1st – Kamala Steiner

2nd – Angeline Ketah

3rd – CeCe Morris

Best Oncologist

1st – Mary Stewart

2nd – Alaska Cyberknife Center

3rd – Kendall Webb

Best Orthodontist

1st – Brian Hartman

2nd (tied) – Jack Duclos/Murray Orthodontics

3rd – Northern Smiles Orthodontics

Best Orthopedic Surgeon

1st – Kevin Paisley

2nd – Adrian Ryan

3rd – Michael McNamara

Best Pediatrician

1st – LaTouche Pediatrics

2nd – John Tappel

3rd – Shannon Smith

Best Personal Trainer

1st – Hannah Wandersee

2nd – Sabrina Jurasek

3rd – Tatiana Otis

Best Physical Therapist

1st – Amanda Atwood

2nd – Denali Physical Therapy

3rd – Rebound Sports & Orthopedics

Best Plastic Surgeon

1st – Jana Cole

2nd – Sarah Troxel

3rd – Mary Jo Wright

Best Primary Care Physician

1st – Allison Critchlow

2nd – Mary Ann Foland

3rd – Lee Loretta

Best Psychiatrist

1st – Lisa Lindquist

2nd – Shirley Mountain

3rd – Elwin D. Hjellen

Best Psychologist

1st – Gwendoline DeWitt

2nd – Lisa Lindquist

3rd – Kelvin Pace

Best Spinning, Zumba or Pilates Instructor

1st – Jacenda Fletcher

2nd – Josie Carlson

3rd – Joyce Nillo

Best Urgent Care

1st – Primary Care Associates

2nd – Alpine Urgent Care

3rd – Medical Park Family Care

Best Urologist or Proctologist

1st – Andre S. Godet

2nd – Jeremy J. Gitomer

3rd – Robert Allen

Best Veterinarian

1st – Pet Shop

2nd – Hillside Pet Clinic

3rd – Highland Animal Clinic

Best Yoga Instructor

1st – AlisaMarie Gaccione

2nd – Joyce Mayer

3rd – David Westlake

Best Yoga Studio

1st – Burn & Bloom

2nd – Turiya of Alaska

3rd – All Life is Yoga

Best Bed & Breakfast

1st – Copper Whale Inn

2nd – The Lighthouse

3rd – Raven’s Run Air B&B

Best Bowling Alley

1st – Center Bowl

2nd – Jewel Lake Bowling Center

3rd – Arctic Bowl

Best Breakup Location

1st – Alaska Axe Throwing Co.

2nd – Kaladi Brothers Coffee

3rd – Covid testing center at Walgreens

Best Golf Course

1st – Anchorage Golf Course

2nd – Moose Run Golf Course

3rd – Kincaid Disc Golf Course

Best House of Worship

1st (tied) – Great Alaskan Bush Co./Koot’s

3rd – Changepoint

Best Location for a Tinder Date

1st – Covid-19 Testing Center

2nd – 49th State Brewing Co.

3rd – Alaska Axe Throwing Co.

Best Place for a Wedding

1st – Alyeska Resort & Hotel

2nd – Hatcher Pass

3rd – Forget-Me-Not Nursery

Best Place to Pick up Strangers

1st – Anywhere on Spenard

2nd – Darwin’s Theory

3rd – Koot’s

Best Place to Take a Selfie

1st – Beluga Point

2nd – Flattop Mountain

3rd – Alaska Zoo

Best Romantic Ambiance

1st – Club Paris

2nd – Seven Glaciers

3rd – Crow’s Nest

Best Tourist Attraction

1st – Alaska Sealife Center

2nd – Denali National Park and Preserve

3rd – Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center


Best Accountant/Financial Advisor

1st – David Hannon

2nd – Altman, Rogers and Co.

3rd – Cindi’s Tax and Accounting

Best Advertising Agency

1st – D’Zine Alaska

2nd – Beacon Media + Marketing

3rd – Brilliant Media Strategies

Best Airline

1st – Alaska Airlines

2nd – Delta

Best Airport Parking

1st – Alaska Park

Best Alteration and Tailoring

1st – Rose’s Custom Tailoring

2nd – Oak’s Alteration

Best Attorney

1st – Sarah Badten

2nd – Krista Schwarting

3rd – Blake Quackenbush

Best Auction House

1st – Alaska Premier Auctions

2nd – Alaska Auction Company

3rd – Grubstake Auction House

Best Auto Aftermarket

1st – Perfectionist Auto and Sound

2nd – Safe & Sound

Best Bank or Credit Union

1st – Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

2nd – Credit Union 1

3rd – Denali Alaskan FCU

Best Bicycle Shop

1st – The Bicycle Shop

2nd – Chain Reaction Cycles

3rd – Trek Bicycle Store

Best Car Dealership

1st – Continental Honda

2nd – Kendall Toyota

3rd – Kendall Volkswagen

Best Car Repair

1st – Big O’s Automotive

2nd – Sand Lake Automotive

3rd – Senior Automotive

Best Clothing Store

1st – Apricot Lane Boutique

2nd – The Lacy Lounge

3rd – Bottom’s Boutique

Best Day Care

1st – Imagination Station

2nd – Faith Christian Community

3rd – Providence Center for Child Development

Best Dog Day Care

1st – The Hound Lounge

2nd – Doggie Dog World

3rd – Poshy Paws

Best Educator

1st – Allyson Navy

2nd – Beth Kemp

3rd – Sophie Wallace

Best Elected Official

1st – Ethan Berkowitz

2nd – Jamie Allard

3rd – Mike Dunnleavy

Best Electronics Store

1st – Frigid North

2nd – Best Buy

3rd – Safe & Sound

Best Firefighter/EMT

1st – Jake Crockett

2nd – Isaac Shepherd

3rd – Jason Dolph

Best Fishing Charter

1st – Saltwater Safari Company

2nd – Alaska Dream Charters

3rd – North Country Halibut Charters

Best Florist

1st – Bagoy’s Florist and Home

2nd – John the Flower Guy

3rd – Uptown Blossoms

Best Furniture Store

1st – Bailey’s Furniture

2nd – ReThink Home

3rd – Pack Rat Antiques

Best Grocery Store

1st – Costco

2nd – Carrs

3rd – Fred Meyer

Best Gun Store

1st – Great Northern Guns

2nd – Granny’s Guns

3rd – Boondock Sporting Goods

Best Hair Salon

1st – Beauty Mark AK

2nd – Studio FX Hair Design

3rd – Vivid

Best Hairdresser

1st – Marcy Lundgren

2nd – Paul Ennes

3rd – Carrie Peacock

Best Hotel

1st – Alyeska Resort & Hotel

2nd – Hotel Captain Cook

3rd – Anchorage Grand Hotel

Best Jewelers

1st – Pack Rat Antiques

2nd – David’s Jewelers

3rd – Michael’s Jewelers

Best Laundromat

1st – D Family Laundromat

2nd – Candy’s Cleaners

3rd – Sun Dry Cleaners

Best Law Enforcement Officer

1st – Rhonda Street

2nd – Isaac Temple

3rd – John Dailey

Best Liquor Store

1st – La Bodega

2nd – Brown Jug

3rd – Costco

Best Massage Therapist

1st – Heather Gabelman

2nd – Karen Witthoeft

3rd – Melanie Willert

Best Meat/Fish Processing

1st- Saltwood Smokehouse

2nd – Alaska Sausage and Seafood

3rd – Indian Valley Meats

Best Nail Salon

1st – OMG Nails & Spa

2nd – Rose Hip Nail Studio

3rd – Today’s Nails & Spa

Best Non-Profit

1st – Planned Parenthood

2nd – STAR

3rd – Beacon Hill

Best Outdoor Apparel/Equipment

2nd – Cabela’s

Best Print Shop

1st – Alaska Serigraphics

2nd – PIP Marketing Signs

3rd – TNT Sports & Logo Wear

Best Real Estate Agent

1st – Justin Millette

2nd – Claire Tatum

3rd – Regina Welch

Best Religious Leader

1st – Matt Schutz

2nd – Mark Goodman

3rd – Fr. Scott

Best Retail/Gift Shop

1st – The Kobuk

2nd – Dos Manos

3rd – Stephan Fine Arts

Best Shoe Store

1st – ShuzyQ

2nd – Skinny Raven

3rd – Alaska Walking Store

Best Shopping Mall

1st – 5th Avenue Mall

2nd – Dimond Center

3rd – Metro Mall

Best Shopping Plaza

1st – Tikhatnu Commons

Best Tobacco Shop

1st – Planet X

2nd – 5th Avenue Cigars

3rd – AK Smoke & Vape

Best Thrift Store

1st – Value Village

2nd – Rethink Home

3rd – Bishop’s Attic

Best Tourism Company

1st – Go Hike Alaska

2nd – Alaska Collection by Pursuit

3rd – Planet Earth Adventures

Best Wedding or Event Planner

1st – Allie Smedal

2nd – Touch of Sage

3rd – I Do Events

Best Wildlife Cruise

1st – Kenai Fjords Cruise

2nd – Major Marine Tours

3rd – Phillips Cruises and Tours

Coolest, Funniest or Sexiest Flight Attendant

1st – Alex Tabares

2nd – Matt Cook

3rd – Karen


Best Bake Shop

1st – Fire Island Rustic Bake Shop

2nd – The Bake Shop

3rd – Flying Dutchman European Pastry Shop

1st – Turnagain Armpit BBQ

2nd – Daj3rk Spot BBQ

3rd – Smokehouse BBQ

Best Breakfast

1st – Snow City Cafe

2nd – Kriner’s Diner

3rd – Gwennie’s

Best Brunch

1st – Snow City Cafe

3rd – Bear Tooth

Best Buffet

1st – Twin Dragon Mongolian BBQ

2nd – Golden Corral

3rd – Gallo’s

Best Burger

1st – Tommy’s Burger Stop

2nd – Longbranch Saloon

3rd – Altura Bistro

Best Chain Restaurant

1st – Texas Roadhouse

2nd – Raising Cane’s

3rd – Red Robin

1st – Chef Bombshell

2nd – Nathan Bentley

3rd – Guy Conley

Best Chinese

1st – Charlie’s Bakery and Chinese Restaurant

2nd (tied) – Sweet Pink Pepper/Twin Dragon Mongolian BBQ

3rd – Panda Chinese Restaurant

Best Coffee Shop

1st – Kaladi Brothers Coffee

2nd – Jitters

3rd – Kindred Spirits

Best Diner or Comfort Food

1st – Lucky Wishbone

2nd – Kriner’s Diner

3rd – Spenard Roadhouse

Best Donut

1st – Golden Donuts

2nd – Dino’s Donuts

3rd – Wiki Wiki

Best Ethnic ‘Other’

1st – Hula Hands

2nd – Yak & Yeti

3rd – Namaste Shangri-La

Best Fine Dining

1st – Club Paris

2nd – Double Musky Inn

3rd – Altura Bistro

Best Food Truck

1st – Yeti Dogs

2nd – Melt Anchorage

3rd – Tiki Pete’s Alaskan Grill

Best Hot Dog

1st – Yeti Dogs

2nd – International House of Hot Dogs

3rd – Costco

Best Ice Cream Shop

1st – Wild Scoops

2nd – Gelatte

3rd – WooHoo Ice Cream

Best Italian

1st – Fiori D’Italia

2nd – Little Italy

3rd – Sorrento’s

Best Mexican

1st – Taco King

2nd – Serrano’s

3rd – La Mex

Best Outdoor Dining

1st – 49th State Brewing Co

2nd – The Bradley House

3rd – Bernie’s Bungalow

1st – Pho Lena

2nd – PhoNatik

3rd – Ray’s Place

Best Pizza

1st – Moose’s Tooth

2nd – Uncle Joe’s Pizzeria

3rd – Hearth Artisan Pizza

Best Sandwich

1st – Bread and Brew

2nd – Great Harvest Bread Company

3rd – Sara’s Sandwiches

Best Seafood

1st – Simon & Seafort’s

2nd – F Street Station

3rd – Bubbly Mermaid Oyster Bar

Best Server

1st – Vesta Herrick

2nd – Nicole Sola

3rd – Bonnie at Humpy’s

Best Steak

1st – Club Paris

2nd – Double Musky Inn

3rd – Sullivan’s Steakhouse

Best Sushi

1st – Sushi & Sushi

2nd – Ronnie Sushi

3rd – Sushi Ya

1st – Taco King

2nd – Serrano’s Mexican Grill

3rd – El Green-Go’s

Best Tea Shop

1st – Summit Spice & Tea

2nd – The Kobuk

3rd – The Spice & Tea Exchange of Anchorage

1st – Lahn Pad Thai

2nd – Thai Kitchen

3rd – Thai Orchid

Best Vegetarian

1st – Middle Way Cafe

2nd – Namaste Shangri-La

3rd – Organic Oasis

Best Vietnamese

1st – Ray’s Place

2nd – Pho Lena

3rd – PhoNatik

Best Wings

1st – Moose’s Tooth

2nd – Wings N Things

3rd – 907 Alehouse


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