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Why does it feel like this world has been overpowered and overwhelmed by a lot of negativity? You have wars, destruction, environmental degradation, greed, hate, and the list is endless

It’s become impossible to watch the on-the-hour news without gasping at all the messed up events the world is facing today. Reasons? You might ask. It’s simply because, despite all this negativity, you haven’t taken that most important first step to making that small change in your life!

Now, not every change needs to be grand or eventful. All it takes is a mind that has what it takes to make minor adjustments. One thing to note is that the change that will make an impact on our beautiful planet will start with a resolute mind. Making a minor lifestyle change can make a tremendous difference in not only your life but also to those closest to you. If you are still hesitant to take that first step, read on to know why small changes can greatly impact the world.

The Butterfly Effect

There has been an existing notion – and presumably true – that the flapping of the butterfly’s wings in Guam or somewhere in South Africa could cause a typhoon in Thailand. Well, whatever you believe, this is a metaphor implying that your personality, your humanity, the good or bad that you show others, and all the love you have to give, can have ripple effects and end up making the world a better place or hell on earth.

When you start your day, remember that there are those making huge strides to making our beautiful planet a habitable place. Jordyn de Boer and Tania Potts, environmentalists at, made great strides in turning waste plastic into reusable plastic bags by making use of simplistic thoughts and actualized them into actionable and sustainable efforts. Today, you have people living in cleaner environments because of the steps they took. Don’t be left behind because it’s your planet as well!

Promote Peace

Do you know what Tegla Laroupe, Susan B. Anthony, and Mother Teresa have in common? They all played a part in promoting world peace. They can now only be read in books and magazines. But their efforts bore fruits in one way or the other.

It’s now your time to make the difference by not being an activist, but to start right in your neighborhood in showing the kids the importance of peace, young boys and girls the importance of cooperation, and the older generation, the importance of supporting the younger generation.

To achieve this, start by defending that socially different fellow in your neighborhood, stand up for that racially discriminated minority, and embrace that neighbor who always has different views from yours. Embrace those in your community by being indifferent while at the same time, having a resolute mind.


Planting a tree or stopping the traffic to save a lost duckling from becoming roadkill might seem insignificant. However, they are not. For the survival of your generation and the others to follow, such small efforts will need to be made.

Additionally, such small efforts should be part and parcel of you, and you should spread them far and beyond. If you want to start by saving the adorable Pandas, start by planting that bamboo, recycle any refuse from your home to save that lake, or recycle your trash to make our environment a cleaner one. Such changes will surely promote sustainability in the present and the future.

Changes will Happen Anyway

Regardless of the decisions you make, the natural order of things will remain. if they taught you right, change is inevitable! However, this doesn’t mean you slack off and not play your part. Au contraire ami! The change should emanate from you and to make it work, spread it around. This means taking up your mantle and making those small changes that will impact the world.

Start Small

The journey of a thousand miles is said to start with a single step. Equally, any big impact starts with a small change! When you want to build up to something great in your community, you don’t start big, instead, you start by collecting trash in your neighborhood. Over time, the small changes will become a habit that will manifest and become ingrained into those you made an impact on. To end homelessness, you can start by helping the street children find fitting homes. In simpler terms, start with the small changes, build up momentum as you go, and eventually, your peers will join you and voila! You’ve made the world a better place.

They say that change is as good as a rest, even despite it being inevitable. To make a big impact in the world, you need to come out of your comfort zone to make those small changes. In the eventuality, that dream of a safer neighborhood will come true.


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