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In this report, the analyst utilizes frameworks to break down the top trends and insights in the world of packaging. You’ll uncover new evolutions to inspire your own innovative solutions, and gain key insight into the emerging products that are shaping consumer preferences, and the future of packaging today.

Looking at the latest trends in packaging innovations, including the format and materials of packaging, as well as the shift towards more sustainable options. Sustainability has become a factor of great importance in the purchasing decisions of today’s consumer. As individuals increasingly shift to lower and zero-waste lifestyles, questions surrounding materials used in packaging have become top-of-mind across various industries.

These shifts can be seen as a result of the barrage of information consumers can easily interact with today in regards to the state of the planet, and the impact that their individual choices can hold for the planet as a whole. As a result, many brands and businesses have turned to eco-friendly alternatives and the embrace of evolving technologies to create new forms of packaging that appeals to today’s conscious consumer.

Regions Covered:

  • Canada
  • United States
  • South America
  • Europe

Key Topics Covered:

1. Report Summary – Packaging Innovation Trend Report

2. Consumer Insights – Overlooked Opportunities

  • Cardboard Cosmetic
  • Blockchain Transparency
  • Protected Dairy
  • Upcycled Cleaning
  • Augmented Labels
  • Sustainable Bottling
  • Soluble Packaging

3. Specific Examples – ideas & Case Studies

  • Interactive Augmented Reality Packaging
  • Closed-Loop Cannabis Packaging
  • Paper-Based Beer Packaging
  • Plastic-Free Plantable Candles
  • Infinitely Recyclable Aluminum Packaging
  • Dissolving Coffee Pouches
  • Mushroom-Based Skincare Packaging
  • Transformative Cardboard Packaging
  • Paper-Made Soap Packaging
  • Temperature-Tracking Packaging Stickers
  • Eco-Friendly Chocolate Packaging
  • Elegant Paper Packaging Solutions
  • Reusable Aluminum Water Bottles
  • Recycled Cheese Spread Packaging
  • Zero-Waste Origami Packaging
  • Compostable Sugarcane Packaging
  • Carbon Output Tech Labels
  • Paper-Made Tube Packaging
  • Traceable Egg Cartons
  • Eco-Conscious Skincare Packaging
  • Playfully Packaged Engineering Toys
  • Biodegradable Wrap Packaging
  • Sustainable Sneaker Packaging
  • Anti-Pathogenic Food Packaging
  • Zero-Waste Beauty Packaging
  • Plastic-Free Noodle Packaging
  • Plastic-Free Deodorant Tubes
  • Talking Wine Bottles
  • Mono-Material Meat Packaging
  • Reusable Rice Box Packaging
  • Plastic Expiry Stickers
  • Recycled Plastic Bottled Waters
  • Sustainably Crafted Carton Packaging
  • Portion Control Pasta Packaging
  • Blossoming Tea Packaging

4. Appendix

Companies Mentioned

  • Grolsch
  • KitKat
  • Mondelez International
  • Montezuma
  • Pepsi
  • Samsung

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