Oven air fryers 30% off at Kohls? Any winners? Better deals elsewhere?

macbook air on white table

Kohls is back to their usual 30% off sale with Kohls cash. Looking at some oven-style air fryer options. These are the net sale prices and they also earn a $10 gift certificate for later (Kohls cash) for each full $50:

Cuisinart TOA-65 $196 – no rotisserie, max 400F

Ninja Foodi SP101 $154 – no rotisserie, flip up style, ? max temp

Kaloric 26-qt Digital MAXX $154 – rotisserie but no basket, 500F max ?, French doors

Kaloric 10-qt with rotisserie $126 – rotisserie with basket and kebab skewers, small, 400F max?

NuWave Brio 14-qt $105 – no rotisserie, temp probe, max 400F?, smaller than others

Instant Omni 11-in-1 $199 – not 30% off, rotisserie but no basket, max 400F?

Instant Vortex Plus 7-in-1 $119 – not 30% off, rotisserie and basket, max 400F?, kinda small

Emeril Power Air Fryer 360 $140 – rotisserie but no basket, max 400F?

Which of these would you recommend?

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