NFL stars Joey, Nick Bosa discussed possibility of one day joining forces at the professional level

NFL stars Joey, Nick Bosa discussed possibility of one day joining forces at the professional level
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Imagine strolling up to the line of scrimmage as a quarterback only to find yourself staring down the barrel of a defense that boasts not one Bosa, but two. It’s something the world has seen before, when Joey and younger brother Nick teamed up at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Florida, when both were starting defensive linemen — as a senior and a freshman, respectively. Although they’d both end up building their brand at Ohio State, Nick didn’t arrive in time to play with Joey and, as such, they’ve not lined up together since their high school days. 

That doesn’t mean they haven’t discussed the possibility of it happening at the NFL level though, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic giving them plenty of time to float such ideas between each other this offseason. 

“Yeah, we spent every waking hour together the past six months, so obviously we have conversations like that,” Nick Bosa said, via NBC Sports. 

Of course, that dream is one now deferred, with Joey Bosa having signed a record-setting five-year contract extension with the Los Angeles Chargers worth $135 million. 

“We were pretty confident that the Chargers were going to help get it done,” said the younger Bosa. “I’m really happy they did. Joey loves his team and his teammates, so he’s happy. He’s just happy to be stress-free and able to just go to work now.”

Still, he’s not letting go of the possibility of one day suiting up again with his big brother.

“Hopefully, maybe, later in our careers get together, but we’re focused on our own paths right now,” he made clear.

It’s not just the Chargers’ decision to break the bank that makes a potential reunion extremely unlikely for the foreseeable future, but also the fact Nick Bosa is in line to potentially surpass the aforementioned historic deal — when the time comes. He burst out of the gates as a rookie for the San Francisco 49ers, racking up nine sacks en route to a Pro Bowl nod, PFWA Rookie of the Year and AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year honors. At this rate, the 49ers might eventually find themselves blowing past the Chargers to keep the younger Bosa in tow, but the two aren’t able to begin negotiating until after the 2021 season.

For his part, Joey Bosa wants to see it happen for baby bro.

“[Mine] will probably be a short-lived record,” he said. “Which is great because I’m happy to just set the bar and maybe my brother in a few years will surpass me. I’m sure of that.”

And who knows? Because if the 49ers choose for some reason to not break the bank on Nick Bosa when the time comes, maybe the Chargers will, and a dream that once seemed unlikely at the NFL level would become anything but. 

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