Next Twitch Storm kicks off Saturday, August 22nd at 12pm ET

Did you miss winning a slice of $9,680,000 in the 3rd installment of the Venom, which just wrapped up? No worries. We’ve got something pretty sweet happening on Saturday, August 22nd. We’re talking the chance to win $50.

OK, so $50 isn’t exactly the $1.5 million that went to the first-place winner in the Venom. Or the $1.1 Million that 2nd place received. But $50 is much easier to win than having to sit through multiple days of grueling Texas Hold’em.

With the Twitch Storm, you can win $50 just by sitting back and staring at your screen. It gets underway on Saturday, August 22nd at 12pm ET and over 24 hours, content creators will be giving away $50 on their channel, roughly every 5 to 15 minutes.

A Twitch Storm kicks off with a content creator broadcasting their stuff and an audience at home watching along. After each host gives away $50 on their channel, the content creator sends their followers to another Twitch streamer, who in turn gives away $50.

If you’re a streamer, it’s a great way to build a following and see your audience numbers grow. And if you’re a poker player, it’s a great way to secure $50 for the tables.

Content creators are invited to register right now at endgametalent. For more information on August 22nd’s Twitch Storm, visit

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