New transfer of Nepal, disputed map of nation sending to world fraternity

PM Modi and Oli

  • Nepal is preparing to send its disputed map to the international community, translating it into English
  • Nepal will first send disputed map of the country to UN and Google, Nepali Minister of Land Management confirms
  • The disputed map shows India’s Kalapani, Lipu Lekh and Limpiyadhura in Nepal, India has protested


Nepal is preparing to negotiate the border dispute issue with India, Nepal is preparing to send its disputed map to the world fraternity. According to Nepal’s Ministry of Land Management, after publishing the new map of the country in English, it will be sent to the United Nations and Google. The new map shows about 335 kilometers of India’s terrain in Nepal.

Nepali map being translated into English

According to a report by Nepali Media My Republica, Nepali Department of Land Management Minister Padma Aryal said that we will soon hand over the revised map of the country to the international community, showing Kalapani, Lipu Lekh and Limpiyadhura as part of Nepal. For this, we are working to convert the words used in the map into English. He said that we can hand over the new map to the international world by mid-August.

The disputed map was passed by the Nepali parliament on June 13

Let us tell you that Nepal had introduced a new map in the cabinet on 20 May, in the midst of a border dispute with India. Which was approved by the Nepali Parliament House of Representatives on 13 June. It features Kalapani, Lipu Lekh and Limpiyadhura of India as part of Nepal. At the same time, India also handed over a diplomatic note to Nepal to oppose it. Apart from this, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs also described the new map of Nepal as tampering with historical facts.


Nepal’s new maneuver, said – India is the most talked about leaving us

Print 25000 copies of maps in Nepali language

Information Officer of Nepalese Measurement Department Damodar Dhakal said that work is going on to publish 4000 copies of the new map of Nepal in English. A committee has also been formed for this. This department has already printed about 25000 copies of the map in Nepali. These are planned to be distributed within the country.

Nepal will review recruitment of Gurkhas in Indian Army

Nepal said – India is the most talked about leaving us

Nepali Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Gowali alleged in the media briefing that during the Corona era, India is negotiating with many countries including America, Australia and China, but not with us. He claimed that for this reason we had no choice but to publish a map of the country.

Corrected Nepal’s intrusion into Nepal’s Sinajori, Lipulekh, Kalapani

Nepali Foreign Minister targets India

He claimed that when India published the 8th edition of its political map in November 2019, it included Kalapani, Lipulekh and Limpiyadhura of Nepal. Nepal, of course, opposed it through political statements and diplomatic notes. At that time we asked our Indian friends to formally initiate diplomatic negotiations to solve these problems. We also proposed possible dates but our proposal was not responded to in a timely manner.

Oli increasing tension at the behest of Chinese ambassador

  • Oli increasing tension at the behest of Chinese ambassador

    PM Oli is directly blaming India for the political arrogance in Nepal. He accused India of destabilizing his government in a program a few days ago. At the same time, the intelligence report claimed that the Nepali PM is taking all anti-India steps at the behest of Chinese Ambassador Hao Yankee to the country.

  • Chinese ambassador inspired for the map of Nepal

    Sources say that the Chinese ambassador has worked to inspire Prime Minister Oli to redefine the map of Nepal. Intelligence sources said that the young Chinese ambassador to the Himalayan Republic of Nepal, Hou Yankee, has been an inspirational factor behind Comrade Oli’s move to redefine Nepal’s border. That is, the diplomacy and mind of the Chinese ambassador is working behind Nepal which is showing the black water and script of India in its map.

  • Oli and Chinese Ambassador Close

    Hou, who has worked in Pakistan for 3 years, frequents Oli’s office and residence. In addition, the Nepalese Communist Party delegation that was assisting in drafting the Constitution Amendment Bill to change the political map was in contact with the Chinese ambassador. The young Chinese ambassador, acting at the behest of China’s foreign policy strategists, is considered one of the most powerful foreign diplomats in Nepal.

  • Work done in Chinese Foreign Ministry as well

    An intelligence report said that apart from serving in Pakistan, she was holding an important responsibility in the Department of Asian Affairs in China’s Foreign Ministry. It is not being said that the Chinese Ambassador is also engaged in resolving internal differences of the Communist Party. It will be very interesting to see who will win in this check and check game released in Nepal.

  • Oli accused India of toppling government

    Oli had earlier pointed to India, claiming that meetings were being held to remove him at a hotel in Kathmandu and an embassy was also active in it. He claimed that conspiracies were being made against him since the constitutional amendment showing Kalapani and Lipulekh in Nepali maps. Ollie alleged that there was an open race to remove him from the post.

  • Demand to resign not only from the post of PM, but also from the party

    After making such serious allegations against India without any proof, now Oli has surrounded himself in his party. Prachanda said that not India but he has demanded Oli’s resignation. Prachanda said that Oli should resign not only from the post of Prime Minister but also from the post of Party President.

  • Prachanda opened front against Oli

    There is also a discussion in the Nepalese Communist Party that Oli can be broken within the party to break the barricade against him. KP Sharma Oli, unaware of the discord within the party, is engaged in spewing venom against India. There is a big reason behind Oli’s anti-India and over-confidence. In fact, Indian intelligence agencies estimate that the Nepali PM is taking all these steps at the behest of Chinese Ambassador Hao Yankee to the country.

Left in power in Nepal, increased proximity to China

In Nepal these days, the leftists dominate politics. The current Prime Minister KP Sharma is also a leftist and became the first Prime Minister in the year 2015 after adopting the Constitution in Nepal. He had the support of the leftist parties of Nepal. KP Sharma is known for his anti-India sentiments. Even after India’s blockade in 2015, he did not change the Nepali constitution and KP Sharma went into China’s lap to retaliate against India. The Nepal government struck a deal with China. Under this, China allowed Nepal to use its port.

Nepal has said right to infiltrate these areas of IndiaNepal has said right to infiltrate these areas of India

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