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Goliath was developed from Power Plant and Lowryder genetics to retain the unique Power Plant taste and smell. Its large tight buds are pleasing to the eye with its shimmering trichome covered, apple green flowers

Sour Lifter

sour lifter

Grown by one of the most talented growers in Southern Oregon, if you are a fan of the Lifter strain, then you will love our Sour Lifter. The flavors are loud and proud with a sweet hop scent mixed with a heavy diesel twist.

Dutch Delight

dutch delight

Dutch Delight, as the name implies, brings delight with every puff. These tight and smooth smoking greenhouse nugs have a sweet, strawberry cheesecake aroma, garnished with underlying mintiness .

Girl Scout Cookies

girl scout cookies

A delectable variety known as Girl Scout Cookie-CBD is a hybrid strain that has balanced qualities


cbn oil

Looking to dabble in some new cannabinoids? We’ve introducted CBN oil and CBN:CBD:CBG oil !

Back in stock

As harvest season is upon us, some of your favorite strains will be making their way back online. Golden Cherry is now back in stock!

golden cherry

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