New Cannabis Forum Now Open

After receiving a number of emails and messages about opening up a community forum we decided to run a small poll on Instagram. After 24 hours we managed to get 70+ people interested in joining and 4 that said they were not. As some of you know when Maritime Grown first started in 2018 it started out as a cannabis forum but the activity slowly dropped off and we changed the site over into a blog. Our goal was to always be the place cannabis growers can call home online so we worked hard over the past few days to bring the community forum back for a second time and hopefully it will be here to stay this time.

Our Goals For Cannabis Forum

Our goals with the forum is to create a community cannabis lovers can call home. A place where new growers can post and get help from experienced growers. A place where experienced growers can post guides, answer questions and help out the beginners. A place were everyone can relate without being censored or frowned upon. Where we all help each other to enjoy the fruits of our labor. This is what we want from the Maritime Grown Cannabis Forum.

New Forum New Software

The first time we had a forum on the site we were using the popular MYBB forum software but the problem was it’s not easily integrated into our current WordPress CMS or content management system. This time we did some research and used a new popular open source forum software that is compatible with our CMS but where it is new it might have some issues so please bare with us. Over the next month or two the forum might go though some changes with new sections being added or removed as we design the forum to fit the community. If you have any suggestions or sections you would like to see added to the forum please do your part and let us know in the suggestion section.

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