Millionaire campaign announced in Spanish and English to convince Latinos to vote for Biden • News

The group Nuestro PAC announced on Monday a bilingual campaign in favor of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the key states of Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, and with which they seek to improve the position of the former vice president among Hispanic voters in the face of the elections of November.

Announcements from this Political Action Committee (PAC) represent a “seven-digit” outlay and will be distributed by mail over the next five weeks , beginning with this, according to a group statement.

The campaign is aimed at “every Latino voter susceptible (to convince) and recently registered” in the aforementioned states.

The action is another initiative with which Democrats seek to gain ground among Latino voters and after tycoon Michael Bloomberg announced on Sunday that he will invest 100 million dollars to help him in this task in Florida .

“We want to win the votes of the Latino and Hispanic community, and we are working” for that, Symone Sanders, a senior adviser to the Democratic campaign, acknowledged on Sunday to ABC News television network.

Our PAC initiative consists of seven graphic pieces , one of which will feature Kristin Urquiza , the Hispanic woman who lost her father, a follower of Donald Trump , to the coronavirus and who spoke at the last Democratic Convention about the failure of the President in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The only pre-existing condition of my father was to trust Donald Trump … and he paid with his life,” says the Hispanic, who has already made public her support for Biden, according to the announcement.

Chuck Rocha, former advisor to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign and founder of Nuestro PAC, said that with the campaign they seek to reach Latinos in these three states with “multiple rounds of communication” to defeat Donald Trump in November .

“Through continued outreach, Latino voters in these key states will get all the information they need in English and Spanish to vote for Biden,” added Rocha.

The latest polls have shown that Latino support for Biden is less than what Democrats want, as he is vital to winning in some key states like Florida.

The former vice president will travel to Florida on Tuesday to address Latino voters in his attempt to reverse the current situation, although he said that his polls indicate that Latino support is higher than what the polls published by the media have shown in recent weeks, although, he acknowledged, he has to “be even older.”

In Florida, a recent NBC News poll indicated that Trump leads the voting intention of Latinos in this state, with 50% support, by 46% of Biden.

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