Medical Cocktail, By Buddha Seeds

The fact that cannabis has a strong medical and therapeutic potential is not new. Indeed, the question we should ask is not about if medical cannabis works: the key question is how to get the maximum therapeutic benefit from cannabis and what combination of cannabinoids is the most efficient.

The following article intends to answer these questions.

Cannabinoids are the main active compounds of cannabis and there are more than 85 types. From all of them, THC, CBD and CBN are the three main cannabinoids Unlike THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive component able to modulate psychotropic effects of THC and it has a strong therapeutic potential. Genetics of each plant is what decides the way the plant produces both components. It is considered a variety rich in CBD if it has, at least 4% of this cannabinoid.

Different scientific studies show therapeutic properties of CBD to treat illness like epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis), anxiety, autism, Crohn’s disease, chemotherapy complement, among others. Preclinical investigations and some clinical studies have proven CBD has strong antioxidant qualities, anti-inflammatory, non-convulsive, non-depressed, nonpsychotic, non-tumor and neuroprotective.

Nevertheless, the benefits of medical cannabis not only lie in CBD. THC has strong effects to alleviate the symptoms of illnesses or disorders like sclerosis, asthma, insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, cancer (reduce vomit), among others.

CBD or THC? They’re better together But then, at medicinal level, what is the best, CBD or THC? Both together make up the perfect couple of cannabis therapy. In fact, they work better together. CBD and THC interact to make more powerful therapeutic characteristics of each one. CBD improves the analgesic and anticancer qualities of THC, and can decrease psycho-activity of THC and relieve the adverse effect of THC, like anxiety and tachycardia. But, how can we know if THC or CBD predominates in one variety? This information is provided through the ratio of each component, as a result of chromatography study. For example, there are some varieties with ratio THC:CBD 1:2, others with ratio 1:0. This information will appear in the data sheet of each variety.

Nevertheless, we have to understand the ratio with the percentage of CBD and THC, which belongs to the quantity of each cannabinoid existing in the plant. Let’s see what are the most common ratios of THC and CBD in a cannabis plant.

Ratio 1:0 This ratio represents there is only THC and therefore the effect that will produce this variety will be stimulating, uncontrollable laughter, euphoria and strong psychotropic effects.

Ratio 2:1 In this case, we find double quantity of THC in comparison with CBD. The effect we obtain with this ratio is strong and at the same time sedative.

Ratio 1:1 THC and CBD are in perfect balance which leads to calm, relief with psychedelic soft effects. That means a pleasant euphoria, lucid and clean effect which allows more concentration. CBD more popular varieties contain this ratio. The percentage would reach 10% of THC and CBD approximate (it can vary between 6-12%) If you are interested in medical cannabis, you should know varieties with this ratio are the most efficient because have less side effects and more medical potential. In fact, Sativex medicine, which it is sold in the chemistries, has this ratio. This medicine can be used for the treatment of multiple sclerosis to relieve the muscular stiffness.

Ratio 1:2 This time, CBD doubles THC content, modulates psychotropic effects of THC and its side effects.

Ratio 0:1 Predominance exclusive of CBD and without psychoactive effect.Thanks to this information, plus the percentage of each component, we can approach the effects of the variety. From all of this, we can make 3 groups:

• Varieties in which CBD predominates

• Balance between THC and CBD

• Varieties in which THC predominates

There is not only one variety that is the right for everyone. Cannabis therapy is a personalized medicine. To optimize therapeutic potential of cannabis we have to find the combination of CBD and THC that better works for each one. The sensibility of each person to THC is key factor to determine the appropriate ratio and the quantity of CBD.

Plants that contain THC and CBD balance (ratio 1:1) have therapeutic benefits from both components. For example, inhibition of nervous signals associated with pain, producing calm effect.Nowadays we can find this type of varieties in many seed banks. From Buddha Seeds bank they have managed to stabilize THC and CBD ratios 1:1 with more than 20% of total cannabinoids in some individuals.

The result is Morpheus. The experience with Morpheus is pleasant and introspective and reminds us of the myth of Morpheus, like to be in the arms of Morpheus, the God of dreams. Morpheus invites you to immerse yourself in a psychic trip without losing lucidity. Its psychoactive effect is moderate without renouncing rich flavors and intense aromas.Morpheus obeys the purpose of Buddha Seeds to advance in the research and genetics of varieties rich in CBD, as it did in its previous new variety Medikit.

Written and published By Buddhaseeds In Weed World Magazine Issue 140

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