Massachusetts cannabis regulators delay marijuana delivery rules after objections from lawmakers

There will be no vote this week on the Cannabis Control Commission’s latest rewrite of its regulations, including the marijuana delivery framework recently agreed to, after all.

The CCC announced Tuesday that the meeting planned for Thursday, at which regulators were to take a final vote on a suite of new regulations, has been postponed one month until Nov. 30 and that the agency will give people yet another chance to weigh in with comments on delivery plans.

The decision to delay the vote comes after a group of 19 state lawmakers had pressed the commission to “revisit your timeline to allow for additional public hearings.” The CCC said in its announcement that it has scheduled a public hearing on the delivery license structure on Nov. 13 “to extend the opportunity for constituents to participate in the Cannabis Control Commission (Commission)’s regulatory drafting process.”

The delay comes less than a week after the CCC voted 3-1 to adopt its new delivery policies and Chairman Steven Hoffman said the discussion among the commission made him more comfortable pressing ahead with a final vote.

“I’m more comfortable pushing forward with delivery based upon today’s discussion because I do think we listened to a lot of the concerns that people had,” Hoffman said last Tuesday. [Read More @ Masslive]

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