Lowe’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2020: what we expect in the sale this year

Lowe’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are still a number of months away, but it’s never too early to prepare for the home improvement store’s biggest sales event of the year. On this page, you’ll find everything we know so far about the Lowe’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, from how and where to find the best discounts, through to the hours we expect the retailer to be open, and more.

Lowe’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are still a number of months away, but it’s never too early to prepare for the home improvement store’s biggest sales event of the year. On this page, you’ll find everything we know so far about the Lowe’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, from how and where to find the best discounts, through to the hours we expect the retailer to be open, and more.This year, there’s a good chance that Lowe’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale may be a little different. The global pandemic has caused a rise in online shopping, and we would expect this trend to continue for Black Friday 2020 with more of the best Lowe’s Black Friday deals to be found online, enabling people to shop safely.

Plus, with Amazon Prime Day rumored to be happening in October this year, there’s a chance we may see more retailers – including Lowe’s – launching their Black Friday deals much earlier than usual. After all, if Amazon does launch its blockbuster retail event in October, it’ll be looking to encourage consumers to spend earlier. It won’t take other retailers long to follow suit.

Some things don’t change, though. Appliances, furniture, and tools are of course the perennial favorites over at Lowe’s – and we would expect these to be among the best Lowe’s Black Friday deals again this year. It’s also a top destination for picking up a great smart home tech bargain or two.

Here, we’ve rounded up our top predictions for the Lowe’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale this year, alongside a couple of last year’s hottest offers, to give you a flavor of what we think will be on offer. Further down the page you’ll also find some great pre-Black Friday Lowe’s deals, for anyone who can’t wait two months to bag a top home-improvement deal.

We’ll be updating this page as we find out more about the Lowe’s Black Friday sale, so bookmark this page and check back regularly so that you’re first in line for the very best Lowe’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as soon as they go live.

Lowe’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in 2020: when will they begin?

Black Friday falls on November 27 this year, but Lowe’s tends to start its deals early. Often, the retailer will announce general online discounts on specific categories, such as 30% off garden tools, anything from a week to a month in advance.

In the past, we’ve then seen a wave of new online discounts starting on Thanksgiving (the retailer keeps it physical stores closed on the Thursday), with the official Lowe’s Black Friday sale launching on Friday. Last year, we saw deals running through Cyber Monday until December 4.

However, this year we may see even earlier Lowe’s Black Friday deals. If Amazon Prime Day does happen in October, we would expect Lowe’s to begin releasing seasonal discounts from as early as October, too, in an attempt to win back its share of consumers’ wallets. Our advice? Be prepared for some excellent Lowe’s Black Friday bargains some time between mid to late October and early November.

Lowe’s Black Friday doorbuster deals

Lowe’s loves to run one-off discounts on the big day itself, alongside much bigger general online sales across whole categories. These one-off discounts are normally dubbed ‘doorbuster deals’, and are often the part of the Lowe’s Black Friday sale that’s advertised on TV commercials.

The bad news? Many of these doorbuster deals have been in-store only in the past, which isn’t great for anyone wishing to stay at home and shop safely, avoiding the crowds. That said, this year’s unprecedented circumstances makes Lowe’s much more likely to offer its doorbuster deals online – if it does, you’ll find news of them first here on this page.

Lowe’s Black Friday hours

Lowe’s stores generally open at 6am on Black Friday (November 27), but you’ll need to check the store directory for more information on your local Lowe’s if you’re planning to head in. That’s always the case, but even more so this year during the pandemic.

Important: Lowe’s stores are usually closed on Thanksgiving Day; and in previous years have been open over the weekend, generally at 6am on Saturday, and 7am on Sunday.

Here’s a quick rundown of the in-store hours we’re expecting to see at Lowe’s over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’ll update these as we hear more, and – again – we advise checking your local store directly for up-to-date information on definite times.

  • Thursday 26 November: closed
  • Friday 27 November: open 6am – close 9pm
  • Saturday 28 November: open 6am – close 9pm
  • Sunday 29 November: open 7am – close 8pm
  • Monday 30 November: open 6am – close 9pm

The best Lowe’s Black Friday deals: what we expect to see

Lowe’s Black Friday sale is always a top destination for cut-down prices on appliances, furniture, bath items, garden items and tools. As is tradition, we would expect to see flat discounts on select items within those categories on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, within a rough ballpark of 30-50% off.

Seasonal items are always a favorite as well, and we would expect to see plenty of one-off discounts on a range of holiday decorations and items. Here’s a quick roundup of some of last year’s Lowe’s Black Friday deals to give you a flavor of what to expect.

Highlights from last year’s Lowe’s Black Friday sale

  • $1,200 off Samsung French-door refrigerators
  • Half price washer and dryer bundles
  • 25% off artificial Christmas trees
  • 50% off holiday decorations and lights
  • $70 off Nest smart home devices
  • Buy one get one free on Kobalt power tools
  • $300 off select Serta mattresses

Last year, Lowe’s also attempted to entice in-store shoppers by offering a $500 gift card sweepstake for the first 300 shoppers through their doors. We would be very surprised to see the retailer attempting to cram people into their stores in the same way this year, but even with social distancing in place, Lowe’s may still look to entice shoppers in to spend their dollars. Again, we’ll bring you news of anything like this as soon as we hear it, so keep checking back for more.

Should I wait for Lowe’s Black Friday deals?

If you’re in need of a new appliance, smart tech, furniture, or more right now, then we’d advise investing now. There are plenty of great deals at Lowe’s already, so you may still be able to save some money.

However, if you can wait – and getting the lowest price possible is important to you – then we would expect to see the best Lowe’s deals closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Traditionally the biggest discounts by far would appear over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and while it’s still the case that we see many superb deals on the day, we’ve increasingly noticed more excellent deals dropping earlier.

For many retailers, saving all their best deals for just one or two days isn’t a good strategy: big spikes in demand can lead to systems crashing, and unhappy customers, and with other retailers starting earlier, there’s a chance people will spend more of their available budget before the big day. It’s better for retailers to spread out their offers – and it’s better for us, the consumers, giving us longer to decide whether a price or product really is right.

So, if you see an early Lowe’s Black Friday deal on a product you want in – and it falls within your budget – we always advise grabbing it while you can. Just be prepared to return it if the price drops lower.

Large appliances

Appliances are one area where the home retailer always shines, and we’re expecting this year’s Lowe’s Black Friday deals to be no exception. Last year we saw some huge, $1,000+ savings on appliances from leading brands like LG, Samsung, KitchenAid and Whirlpool across a whole range of products: refrigerators, washers, dryers, cookers, and more.

Discounts generally tend to run from 30% to 40% across the board, and Lowe’s is particularly partial to offering bundle deals. Add these price drops to Lowe’s free delivery policy, and you can save some fairly substantial sums indeed during Lowe’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. Here are a few choice appliance deals to peruse, just in case you wanted to see what’s available right now.

Refrigerators: up to 35% off select appliances
Everything from basic refrigerators to stylish French-door refrigerators can be found at a cut down price right now at Lowe’s. The biggest savings tend to be on the high-end items, but we also spotted some savings on refrigerators starting at just $79 for a cute Hisense mini-fridge.
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Ranges: up to 35% off select appliances
Samsung, Frigidaire and GE are just some of the top brands with stylish new cooking ranges on offer right now at Lowe’s. You’ll find everything from gas, electric, to induction ranges here, and even a couple toting built-in air fryers and smart tech too.
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Washers & Dryers: up to 35% of select appliances
There are savings on freestanding dryers as low as $448 available right now over at Lowe’s, with similar excellent savings on a whole range of washers as well. As with all Lowe’s appliances, free delivery is available on most items, so it’s as simple as just placing your order.
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Small appliances

It’s not just large appliances that will be on sale at Lowe’s on Black Friday – a whole host of smaller items will also be on offer, including toasters, slow cookers, coffee machines, and much more.

As with the bigger items, you’ll generally see flat discounts of around 25% to 35% on items, with one-off sales for big brands like KitchenAid often gracing the Lowe’s store pages. Just below you’ll see our roundup of the current small appliance items on sale this week at Lowe’s.

Countertop microwaves: starting at just $59.99
There are plenty of excellent cheap microwaves available right now at Lowe’s, including a few receiving discounts of 15%, although they won’t be on sale for much longer. What’s more, right now you can even get free delivery, even on the cheaper items.
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Slow cookers: starting at just $10.99
You read that right, there are slow cookers on sale at Lowe’s for as little as $10.99 right now. There are not just cheap and cheerful slow cookers up for grabs however, as you’ll find plenty of larger and more premium options from Cuisinart among others as well.
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Air fryers: starting at just $20.98
There are similar excellent appliance deals on Air Fryers right now, including both inexpensive and premium options from top brands like Elite, Kalorik, and Magic Chef. This Cosmo 5.5-Quart Air Fryer for just $99.99 is a particularly good deal if you want something with some capacity.
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Furniture & home decor

Furniture and home decor is another strong category for Lowe’s, and the retailer always has thousands of items up for sale over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, including beds, mattresses, seats, tables, rugs, and a range of items for the bathroom too.

Like other holiday sales events, Lowe’s Black Friday furniture sales tend to feature savings of around 10% to 20%, but similar savings can also be found on a near-weekly basis on their store page, albeit on a much smaller scale. Here are just a few of the home deals available right now over at Lowe’s.

Living room furniture: free delivery on select items
There’s over 800 sofas, tables and cabinets available right now over at the Lowe’s living room furniture store page. Brands include Safavieh, Walker Edison, and Coast to Coast and you’ll find plenty for all budgets here with free delivery on select items as well.

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Kitchen & dining room furniture: free delivery on select items
You’ll find free delivery on eligible items and a whole range of options for all budgets at the Lowe’s kitchen and dining furniture store page. As you’d expect, it’s mostly seats, stools and tables on sale, but you’ll also find a few sideboards, wine stores, and kitchen sets as well.
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Beds: twin beds starting at just $127.49
Cheap beds of all sizes are on sale right now at Lowe’s, with savings ranging all the way up to 15% currently on a range of brands. It’s not just cheap beds that are available either, with a range of Lucid Comfort adjustable frame beds also on sale with a 10% discount.
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Outdoor and DIY

For anyone looking for power tools, or even some cheap garden items for next year, you’ll most likely be in luck in the Lowe’s Black Friday sale. Last year we saw some big buy one get one free bundle deals on a range of DeWalt sets. Right now, there also happens to be some fantastic deals on Leaf blowers, hedge trimmers and even grills, as Lowe’s looks to clear last year’s stock.

Grills: $100 off select Napoleon outdoor grills
There are a whole selection of excellent Napoleon grills up for grabs right now at Lowe’s. Not only are their multiple sizes to chose from, but you’ll also get a full 15-year parts warranty with every grill, making sure these last a good number of seasons.
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Outdoor tools: save up to 28% on power tools
Kobalt leaf blowers and hedge trimmers are just some of the outdoor power tools currently on sale right now, starting at just $99. Pressure washers are also featured currently, although you’ll also find manual tools like shovels for sale as well.
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Tools: save up to 35% on a range of tool sets
Looking to do some DIY this fall? DeWalt and Kobalt power toolsets are just some of the excellent offers now available at Lowe’s. It’s not just drills and power saws on sale though, there’s also plenty of manual allen wrenches and screwdriver sets up for grabs as well.

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Patio furniture: save up to $128 on select furniture sets
There are over 4,000 individual pieces of patio furniture available right now at Lowe’s, with some (especially dining sets) receiving some nice discounts. The bundles are particularly good right now, but there’s also plenty of individual chairs, tables, and stools in stock as well.
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Smart home and tech

You might not expect top electronics and tech deals from Lowe’s over Black Friday but if so you’d be surprised. The retailer not only offers a whole range of really useful devices, but often also at a very competitive price.

We see Amazon and Google home devices featured on Lowe’s store page throughout the year. Discounts are often up to 40% discounts, and we’d expect this – and more – in the 2020 Lowe’s Black Friday sale.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen): $49.99 $29.99 at Lowe’s
Get 40% off one of the very best cheap smart speakers you can buy right now over at Lowe’s. The Amazon Echo Dot is the perfect companion for any kitchen, hallway, or living room and is a super cheap way to kickstart your smart home setup with it’s easy to use Alexa assistant and whole range of voice commands.
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Amazon Echo Show 5: $89.99 $69.99 at Lowe’s
The Amazon Echo Show 5 is another great cheap smart home device, and the one to pick up if you’d like a display alongside the Alexa voice assistant. That display can be used for calendars, notebooks, photos, or even video chats, making this a truly versatile smart home device.
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Google Nest Hub smart display: $129 $89.99 at Google
Google’s answer to the Echo Show is also on sale over at Lowe’s, and comes packed with a whole host of smart features thanks to the built-in Google Assistant. Featuring video call capabilities, a mic and speaker, this great little smart display can be used for a wide array of both organizational and casual activities.
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