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Looking for a new kind of workout? SUP Yoga exercise might just be for you. Combining the best of the popular board sport stand up paddleboarding and ancient exercise form yoga can do wonders for not only your physical health, but your mental health too.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the health benefits SUP yoga can bring you. Whether you want to get a six pack, shed some weight, or just find a way to lower your stress levels, look no further than SUP yoga.

Improvement in Balance and Stability

Both stand up paddle boarding and yoga are known for improving balance and stability. When you put them together, you’ll feel the benefits even more! The stand up paddle boarding aspect will see you using your core and leg muscles to keep you balanced as you paddle on the board, while the muscles which support the spine are active too. All of this leads to better balance and posture, both on and off the board.

And that’s before you look at yoga. Yoga not only works on your balance and stability, but your flexibility too. The low impact exercise engages joints and ligaments, as well as muscles that you usually wouldn’t use. Stronger ligaments and joints mean more flexibility!

If all of this isn’t enough, you’ll also get a boost in upper body strength from how you use your arms. Whether that’s paddling out to your yoga spot, or assuming yoga poses! If you want to focus specific parts of your body through SUP yoga, there will be a pose designed for the part you intend to strengthen.

Muscle Tone

Want to get abs of steel? There’s nothing better than SUP yoga. With this low impact full body workout focusing largely on your core, you’re sure to see muscles building on your stomach.

Of course, this isn’t the only place that you’ll get more muscle tone. Your legs and arms work hard during SUP yoga, and you’ll be building upper body strength alongside developing that six pack.

Though you can do all of this in a gym, SUP yoga provides a much more mindful and enjoyable way to change how you look and feel!

Weight Loss

As well as developing muscle tone, balance, and flexibility, SUP yoga can help you to lose weight. Though it might look relaxing, tranquil, and almost slow from afar, anyone who has done either of these sports will know that it can still be pretty strenuous.

A regular stand up paddle boarding sessions burns around 300 – 450 calories per hour (which is twice the amount of an average paced walk), and SUP yoga burns even more. Doing yoga on your paddleboard can actually burn as much as 600 calories an hour, which is only 100 less than a CrossFit session. And that’s pretty intense!

Of course, you can’t just rely on SUP yoga to lose weight. While that takes care of the exercise part of things, it must also be combined with a healthy diet. Combine both, and it won’t be long before you seeing pounds or kilograms dropping off!

If you are hoping to burn more calories or lose more weight, SUP surfing and SUP touring could be what you’re looking for.

Cardio Workout

Paddle board yoga works on the muscles, but it doesn’t just stop at the abs, legs, and arms. It also looks after the most important muscle of all, the heart. As you’re using muscles throughout your body, your heart is beating faster and supplying them all with oxygen.

While it’s pumping away that oxygen supply, you should be focusing on yogic breathing. These two combined mean that your circulation is improved throughout your entire body in the short term, and your overall cardiovascular health benefits long term.

It’s hard to believe, but SUP yoga can help reduce your risk of suffering from heart disease, strokes, and high blood pressure. Amazing!

Improves Mental Health and reduces Stress

Yogic breathing isn’t just good for speeding up your circulation. The ancient breathing techniques slow down your mind – meaning that there’s no space in your head for the stresses of everyday life. You’ll be focused on nothing but the present moment.

And yogic breathing isn’t the only mental health benefit of SUP yoga. Being outdoors is proven to help reduce stress – just looking at views of the ocean or a mountain lake can ease your worries! Water really does have a therapeutic effect.

Being surrounded by nature will work on more than just your sight – all of your senses will be engaged and you’ll be millions of miles away from your office or laptop.

While all this might sound like enough for you to lie back on your board and fall asleep, not so fast. Because SUP yoga is a mental and physical challenge, you’ll be using all your concentration to stay on the board and assume yoga positions.

Nailing those is the key to unlocking endorphins, serotonin and dopamine – the brain’s happy chemicals. If you’re looking for a great iSUP for Yoga exercise, we highly recommend buying from GILI Sports.

Source: https://www.chiangraitimes.com/health/learning-about-the-health-benefits-of-sup-yoga-exercise/

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