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A lot of CBD out there is giving the quality stuff a bad rap.

Lucky for you, we found the good stuff

We sampled and tested 42 options before finding our organic, nanoemulsified, hemp-based, “as flavorless as CBD can be”, slam dunk.

Organically grown in Colorado

We use organic regentiverate hemp plants grown in Colorado.

High bioavailability, nano-emulsified and water soluble

Because we ionize CBD’s molecular size, we get a higher bioavailability than a raw isolate or oil. Our manufacturing process makes our nano-emulsified CBD completely water soluble. Your GI tract can rapidly absorb this stuff more than, say, a tincture of mid-grade CBD.

Harsh chemical and petroleum free

We don’t extract our CBD with the industry standard of harsh chemicals and petroleum-based synthetic solvents. With Buoy + CBD, you’re getting an organic CBD without the synthetic, toxic stuff.

Organic tapioca

Instead of adding artificial fillers like maltodextrin, we opted for a pricier (and healthier) option with organic tapioca.

A+ from independent labs

We pass independent lab tests for impurities, THC levels and effectiveness with flying colors. Our CBD is third party tested by Pure Analytics.


What would a Buoy + CBD product be if we didn’t make it as tasteless in your drink as it physically can get.

Small batch manufacturing for quality

We’ve got quality control on lock. Unlike most CBD manufacturers, ours is made in small batches.

Top-shelf stuff

Our CBD is rich in cannabinoids, terpenoids and essential fatty acids.

We infused our third-party verified, nano-emulsified, organic CBD into our flavorless hydration formula. Now, you get world class hydration and 5 milligrams of the highest-quality CBD in just a half-second squeeze.

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