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KSW 55 online PPV. Stream za darmo Reddit Youtube 10 October 2020 Gdzie oglądać w TV i internecie KSW 55 GALA TRANSMISJA TV PPV ONLINE Askham vs Khalidov 2 Gustafsson vs Janikowski Ilic vs Materla At KSW Walki

Live stream KSW 55 in Poland TV

KSW 55 set for October 10, 2020.

KSW is at it again in 2020 since resuming action with KSW 55 set for October 10, 2020. The event will air live on KSW tv or on the KSW mobile app. The main event has been set for some time as KSW middleweight champion Scott Askham will battle KSW legend Mamed Khalidov for the second time. Transmission only in the PPV system.

The next KSW gala promises to be very interesting. During the Octagon live program, Mateusz Borek announced that the officials are working on a set of two hit duels.KSW 55 GALA WALK CARD Scott Askham vs Mamed Khalidov 2 Aleksandar Ilić vs Michał Materla K. Kaszubowski vs Jakub Kamieniarz Stjepan Bekavac vs P. Mysiala Ion Surdu vs Tomasz Romanowski Damian Stasiak vs Patryk Surdyn A. Berg vs Damian Janikowski Sylwia Juśkiewicz vs Karolina Wójcik

During the gala planned for October 10, there will be 3 fights between Askham vs Khalidov 2 | Gustafsson vs Janikowski | Ilic vs Materla , and the stake of this duel will be the unification of the championship belt in the light category. Let us remind you that for the first time the competitors crossed their gloves during the historic KSW 56 gala at the National Stadium. Then Gamer turned out to be slightly better . The rematch took place during the next KSW 55 gala in Dublin. After Gamrot’s foul, Parke was unable to continue the fight, so the duel was deemed unassigned and the belt remained in the hands of the Pole.

Another list that KSW is planning for the July gala is the confrontation of former KSW champions – Borys Mańkowski and Marcin Wrzosk. The first returned to the path of victories after defeats with Mamdess Khalidov, Roberto Soldic and the mentioned Norman Parke, defeating Vaso Bakocevic in Zagreb. For the Tasmanian Devil, this will be the second lightweight fight after returning from the welter division. In turn, Wrzosek, who previously had the feather belt in the featherweight category, will return to the cage after losing in a championship match with Norman Parke.

Mateusz Borek during the Oktagon Live program revealed KSW’s plans for the gala to be held on October 10. The Polish organization is working on two very interesting fights.

During the gala there will be a third duel between Mateusz Gamrot (15-0, 1 N / C) and Norman Parke (28-6-1, 1 N / C). A player from Northern Ireland won a temporary lightweight belt by defeating Wrzoska last September. Now the right championship belt would be at stake. Previously, the players have already met twice. At KSW 39, the decision of the judges was won by Gamrot. The fight was so close that the players met again at KSW 40. However, this duel was deemed not to be (no-contest) as a result of Gamrot’s unintentional foul (finger to eye), after which the opponent could not fight.

Borys Mańkowski (20-8-1) and Marcin Wrzosek (14-6) are also to resolve their conflict in the cage. The whole thing began with the participation of “Polish Zombie” in Oktagon Live on the Sports Channel, where he referred to Mańkowski. Later, both gentlemen exchanged “courtesy” on social media. Now former KSW champions will be able to meet at the sports field. ksw 55 gala stream

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