Kennewick Police Department Facebook posts shares importance of foundation, Community Cares …

KENNEWICK, Wash. – A Facebook post from the Kennewick Police Department on Saturday gained a lot of attention.

The post tells the story of an officer responding to a domestic violence situation and how he helped that individual leave the mentally abusive relationship. KPD shared how their KPD Foundation funding allows officers to access resources and funds to help individuals in these types of situations.

“This particular situation is quite representative of what the foundation has created for us by allowing this Community Care fund money access to our police officers. We can solve problems, we can put band-aids on things and get people through to the next day, the next week,” Commander Trevor White said.

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Unfortunately, domestic calls are a daily occurrence for the department, Commander White said. He added, they’re not always abusive relationships, sometimes it’s mental, verbal or monetary abuse. With the KPD Foundation’s Community Care Fund, officers can offer resources to victims like a hotel stay to recover.

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“As this program has grown, we’ve seen where we’ve connected with more businesses in the area that can provide a service that we maybe cannot pay for and it’s just the relationship and the
amount of support that we’ve garnered in the last several years is awesome,” White said.

The foundation is always accepting monetary or service donations. To learn more about getting involved, you can visit their website.

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