Jane & Leafly get together: An Interview with Socrates Rosenfeld, CEO of Jane

As retailers accept the end of in-store shopping it and start adjusting to e-commerce, an improved and more involved customer experience will be imperative for an e-retailer to grow, let alone stay afloat.

Jane as we know recently announced a partnership that is strategic combines Jane’s best-in-class item catalog and company tools with Leafly’s customer marketplace and reach. Together, the firms will build solutions that empower cannabis retailers with quick and simple shopping that is online that increase consumer purchase behavior. The partnership will seek to help instill consumer trust in the online shopping experience, build stronger customer acquisition tools for retailers, and help dispensaries grow consistency and automation to their ecommerce capabilities.

This strategic partnership uses a year that is massive of for both Jane and Leafly. In the year that is past Jane driven over 17 million purchases and $2 billion in cannabis product sales, while Leafly has seen a lot more than 4,500 cannabis merchants in North America leverage their platform to create clients through the entranceway.

Socrates Rosenfeld, CEO of Jane

We talked with Socrates Rosenfeld, CEO of Jane for more information about e-commerce and marketplaces that are online how Jane and Leafly came together as partners, rather than competitors. Prior to Jane, Socrates was an Apache helicopter pilot for the US Army later transitioning to consulting with McKinsey.Aaron Today green: Socrates, thanks for taking the time. Just what styles have you been seeing and after in the market?

Socrates Rosenfeld

: constantly thrilled to discuss the industry. Many thanks for having me personally.that question a year ago, I’d say having a digital footprint was something that would give a dispensary or a brand a nice advantage

If you were to ask me. Today, it’s a must-have for survival. We are able to merge the two by replicating a physical store into a digitized form to extend its reach far beyond its walls.As where it used to be one or the other; online or offline, now things be much more digitized, information gets to be more essential to run operations. With that people have the ability to meet with the objectives associated with the customers who’re familiar with curation and convenience. The omnichannel experience provides the best of both worlds. Access and ease of search with the ability to pick up or have the product delivered the day that is same a locally owned and run company.

Reviews are the most essential facets of this unification of on the web and offline. It’s something which is lost in entirely purchases that are offline that we’re now able to collect and organize. This product information allows us to provide customers the purchasing power to make a decision that is well-informedAt Jane, it is believed by us is possible to create wins for the dispensaries, brands and customers – and digitization creates the opportunity for that to happen. I think there’s no better incubator in the global globe compared to the cannabis industry to prove that on the web and offline retail can perhaps work in harmony.

Aaron: Jane could be the e-commerce platform that is largest in North American cannabis and Leafly is the largest marketplace in North American cannabis. What’s the difference between an platform that is e-commerce a marketplace?

Socrates: Great concern. There clearly was positively some overlap involving the two, which is the reason why it creates therefore sense that is much us to collaborate. Ultimately though, our expertise and focus vary. Jane’s e-commerce platform functions as the industry’s digital infrastructure that pushes digital products across different purchase origination points like a dispensary’s own internet site, a brand’s very own site and today, Leafly’s market. Combined with Leafly’s content that is industry-leading market information, together we can complete the entire online cannabis shopping experience – from product discovery through order fulfillment.


: At first glance, one may think that Jane and Leafly are rivals. Exactly how did it is seen by you differently? And how did this partnership come about?

Socrates: Not only is our tech complementary, but we are aligned on mission – to empower consumers, dispensaries and brands with the integrity of the plant in mind.

We want to make it simple for consumers to reach the products that will be most helpful for them. We want to make it possible for dispensaries and brands, regardless of their size, to be able to compete on an playing that is even.It all comes home to being good stewards associated with the industry. Education and access create a demand that is healthy a diverse range of products. That means that the plant stays in the tactile arms of numerous – safeguarding it from homogenization.

Aaron: Just how do customers enjoy the partnership?

Socrates: It truly is exactly about bringing this industry consistent with some other retail meeting and vertical the customer where they are. It unlocks more avenues for customers to discover products and access a catalog that is vast of and confirmed consumer reviews. Important thing, this partnership makes searching for cannabis because simple as shopping on the net for anything else into the global world, while also ensuring the success of the sellers.

Aaron: You talking about the dispensary or the brands?

Socrates when you say the sellers, are: Both, you want to offer value for the ecosystem that is entire. We can do that directly for dispensaries and brands by enabling an ecommerce that is automated that they are able to used to power their internet site. At Jane, we all know that technology can unlock value for all, where it isn’t a game that is zero-sum success for one means success for the other. With Jane, both the dispensaries and the brands win.

Aaron: What kind of regulatory challenges do you face through the partnership?

Socrates: There are no real challenges that are regulatory the partnership it self. The industry that is entire under regulatory challenges, but it is those regulations that have been the catalyst for innovation. I see the opportunity for legal online payments and product that is national to try out a sizable part in shaping the industry quickly, and a partnership such as this will make sure a seamless change for the industry as things continue steadily to evolve.

Aaron: Last concern. What exactly are you really enthusiastic about learning more about?

: I’ve for ages been interested in troublesome models. The businesses, not only in technology, but any ongoing company that has set out to do things differently and has been able to hold true to a vision. That’s what interests me, and I think I shall will have one thing to understand and draw motivation from.(*)Aaron(*): Exceptional, that’s the final end associated with the meeting, Socrates!(*)Socrates: (*)Thanks, Aaron.(*)Share this:(*)

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