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Program Designed to Partner with U.S. Farmers to Keep Hemp Farming Numbers On Track During Recession

The U.S farming industry has taken a beating in 2020 with the double whammy of the economic conditions paired with the impact of Covid. A massive influx of novice hemp farmers who sought profitability refuge in hemp during the 2019 growing season, ultimately caused a crash in hemp commodity pricing. In response to this, up to 90% of the 2019 hemp farmers are sitting the 2020 season out, creating what some view as a potential for coming shortages in cannabinoid hemp. In light of this, certain players within the hemp industry have banded together to offer experienced hemp farmers the option to plant CBD and CBG hemp – higher value crops – through an innovative new affiliate farming program called Keep Hemp GrowingTM. This initiative is spearheaded by leading hemp transplant provider, Imperial Seedlings, in conjunction with the top hemp seed breeders.

The program — which will be available to U.S. farmers with more than 25 available acres to farm hemp and at least one season of experience in farming hemp– will enable the hemp industry to continue to meet demand for the current year and prepare for the estimated shortage of biomass and smokable flower in 2021.The Keep Hemp Growing affiliate farming program enables qualified farmers to receive CBD and CBG hemp seedlings at low-to-no-cost in the partnership program with industry leaders.

“This program is vital to keeping the fledgling hemp industry growing through tough times,” said Colte Koen, President of Imperial Seedlings. “We talk to farmers across the U.S. every day and hear the struggles they face as we all figure out how to operate in unprecedented times. Keep Hemp Growing aims to do exactly what its name says: make certain that interested farmers who have available land keep working and keep producing a viable, profitable crop through the pandemic, the residual challenge of 2019’s hemp crop and this farming season.”

Farmers interested in applying for the program can do so by emailing [email protected] with vital information including farm name, location, available acreage to farm hemp and number of years experience farming hemp. Applications for the 2020 season will be processed and completed by July 24, 2020.

About Imperial Seedlings

Imperial Seedlings is a full-service provider of high-quality CBD hemp seeds and transplants to farms across the U.S. Headquartered the Imperial Valley of Calif., they specialize in volume supply for large-scale acreage. The company ships starts directly to customers in all 48 contiguous states. Learn more at

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