Hulu to advertise comics at end of MODOK episodes for Marvel Comics

Marvel has worked out a deal with Hulu for the upcoming MODOK: Head Games comic book series to be promoted at the end of every episode of the stop-motion animation MODOK series currently in development.

Here’s the graphic planned to be featured at the end of each episode

While that idea – a comic book being advertised in the body of a show based on a comic – sounds like a no-brainer, in practice it’s been a rarity. So much so that DC and Marvel have at certain times paid for a workaround where they reimburse comic book shops when they buy advertising in the pre-rolls when comic book movies are being shown.

Neither Marvel nor Hulu have given an explanation of how it’s worked out to be changed here, but we’re not complaining.

“The episodes have been written. They’ve been recorded. Now they’re being animated,” Oswalt told Collider. “And because we committed very hard to the stop-motion aspect to it and we’re really packing every frame with crazy detail. It’s looking like it’ll be early next year, but I don’t know the exact date yet.”

1. I had no idea this was stop-motion. Last I heard it was cg, but either way its not hand drawn, so it’ll be interesting to see how this looks.

2. Looks like another blow to retail. God, I hate all these stories of how publishers have to bend over for a middleman.

3. This is how all comics shows should be. Promote the associated comic right with the show/film. I remember a few games giving digital codes.

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