How Many Different Mini-Games Fall Guys Has

Mediatonic’s latest title, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, has seen great success and popularity a week into its launch. This wacky battle-royale game puts players through 5 rounds of crazy obstacle courses. With 24 possible mini-games to choose from, there’s no telling what the game will have the contestants face next. From dodging gigantic fruit falling from the sky to avoiding getting jinxed by other players, every round is a surprise.

Each match in Fall Guys consists of 5 separate rounds. At the start of the first round, players will have to compete against 60 other players in an effort to be the last jelly-bean character standing. The courses are randomly selected at the start of the next round, meaning there’s no way to predict what type of challenge is on the horizon. However, Fall Guys does have three major mini-game types: Race, Survival, and Team. There is a Final category, but each of the three possible obstacles players will face are based upon the aforementioned mini-game possibilities.

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The Race Rounds are quite simple and linear. Players will need to travel from the starting line to the finish line as fast as possible to avoid being eliminated. Along the way, there will be plenty of tricky obstacles to avoid while dodging out of the way of other contestants. Since these mini-games can be quite long, there are plenty of checkpoints strewn across the map. If a player falls off the course, they will be teleported back to their last checkpoint. Once a certain amount of contestants have qualified for the next round by reaching the finish line, the round is over. There are 9 different Race games in Fall Guys and they’re all quite unique from each other. While Dizzy Heights has players running across a bunch of spinning platforms, Tip Toe forces everyone to be careful about what path they take, else players will find themselves falling through fake tiles. There’s even a race where contestants need to outrun a rising pool of slime.

Fall Guys Features 24 Unique Mini-Games

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Survival Rounds focus on a free-for-all challenge. A round is over once a set number of players have been eliminated or the timer runs out. There are 5 distinct mini-games in this category, 3 of which involve staying on a specific platform and avoiding falling off. Jump Club is all about avoiding spinning beams while Block Party has players dodging past walls in order to stay on the course. Perhaps the most unique game in this category is Perfect Match. This memorization game has players trying to remember a specific tile order. As a timer counts down, tiles will reveal different fruit icons which contestants need to memorize. Once the timer is up, a screen in the arena will display a particular fruit and players need to run to the tile that matches the image.

Unlike Race and Survival Rounds which have everyone competing against one another, Team rounds group a set number of players together into two teams. The team with the highest score at the end of the timer will move onto the next round. There are 7 distinct team based mini-games players can expect to encounter. Egg Scramble has each team trying to collect the most amount of eggs before the time runs out, which has a similar premise to Hoarders, which has teams holding onto as many balls as possible on their side of the arena. However, Team Tail Tag is a lot like capture-the-flag where each team has to try and get the tails of their opponents without losing their own. Another game, Hoopsie Daisy, literally has teammates jumping through hoops in an attempt to rack up the most points.

The Final Round is exactly what it sounds like. There are 3 possible games in this category: Fall Mountain, Hex-A-Gone, and Royal Fumble. The final player left after this difficult round is the winner of the match. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has so many fun mini-games and the vast variety means there’s always a bit of randomness with what to expect. It’s likely Mediatonic will add more mini-games in the future, but for now, there are 24 amazing mini-games to enjoy.

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