How does Selling Sunset deal with Chrishell's divorce?

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Selling Sunset is back on Netflix with a bold new season that gets into some serious drama. And we’re not talking about the usual “why didn’t you invite me to your party?” drama that usually fuels this show. We’re talking about real, emotional, personal drama: Chrishell’s divorce.

The news broke while the show was in production on Season 3 in late 2019, and suddenly the show took a turn. We got a tease of what was to come at the very end of Season 2, which dropped a few months ago. Now Season 3 is here and viewers can see how the show handles this totally surprise separation.

When does Selling Sunset Season 3 get into Chrishell’s divorce?

This has been the drama that Selling Sunset fans have been waiting to see play out—it was even teased at the very end of Season 2. If you want to see how things went down for Chrishell, you’ll want to start bingeing at the very end of Episode 5. That episode ends with a cliffhanger, and Episodes 6-8 bring the sudden, heartbreaking divorce front and center.

How does Selling Sunset deal with Chrishell’s divorce?

If you’re looking for some spoilers, here you go. As mentioned above, the cast find out about the divorce at the end of Episode 5 in much the same way that the rest of the world found out—including Chrishell herself! While they’re chilling at Oppenheim HQ, Christine gets a Google News alert that says, “Justin Hartley files for divorce.” The rest of the cast are fully shook.

When Episode 6 starts, Chrishell has already relocated to a hotel with a suitcase and her dog. Mary, who’s been through a divorce of her own, visits her and gets the tea: Chrishell did not see this coming. Justin just came to her charity event! She said they had a fight the night before, but that it wasn’t out of the ordinary nor did it seem like the kinda thing you would end a marriage over—via text message, BTW. Yeah, Chrishell tells Mary that Justin told her he was filing papers via text. Wow. Amanza visits her later when she’s in her new house (already swarming with paparazzi). Chrishell says that she partly sees Justin’s newfound fame from This Is Us and the wrinkles that came with it as a reason why they split.

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But just as quick as Justin filed for divorce, the Selling Sunset cast quickly divide into two camps: Mary, Amanza, and Heather are fully #TeamChrishell, no questions asked. And then there’s #TeamTwoSides. Christine and Davina immediately wonder what led Justin to that decision. After all, they talked to him at a party one time and he seemed nice. Davina can’t stop talking about Justin’s side of the story, whether it’s in private, at a company dinner, or even Christine’s wedding to Chrishell’s face. And Christine pokes at Chrishell behind her back, saying that she’s probably lying about paparazzi or is, in fact, calling them herself. Maya, ever the voice of calm reason, mostly stays out of it.

With all this drama going on, Chrishell spends all of Episode 7 in St. Louis visiting her sister Shonda. Meanwhile, Christine gets low-key annoyed because Chrishell’s divorce has distracted her from RSVPing to Christine’s glamorous goth wedding. Whatever—Chrishell’s getting the fish.

Chrishell returns to California in Episode 8, just in time for Christine’s wedding—which she attends despite being in the middle of a messy separation with the totally non-communicative Justin. Things blow up at the reception, though, when Davina once again can’t stop talking about Justin’s side of the story. Chrishell makes a quick exit—and that’s where we leave things.

Why did Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley get a divorce?

When the news broke in November 2019, fans of the couple were shocked—and they were also shocked to see that Justin listed July 2019 as the separation date. However, the couple still made frequent public appearances together—he came to Chrishell’s charity event, remember? That’s why when Chrishell later filed to dissolve their marriage, she listed November 22, 2019 as the date—which is when Justin filed his papers.

At the time, unnamed sources close to the couple seemed to confirm what Chrishell says in Season 3: Justin’s This Is Us fame opened up a lot of avenues for his acting career to travel down, and he wants to explore all of them. Chrishell, on the other hand, was reportedly ready to really settle down. Those were the differences that were, apparently, too irreconcilable to Justin.

In January 2020, Justin told ET that he was focusing on self-care. “I got into that a long time ago actually, self-care. It’s good to do, right?” Hartley said. “We’ve got hectic lives and everyone’s busy and we’re rushing all over the place and we’re trying to occupy space and time and get to the next thing. And you have to slow down once in a while and realize where you are and appreciate what you’ve done and reflect a little bit, and be like, ‘What’s going on here?’ And make sure you’re okay. Surround yourself with good people. That’s a good thing to do as well.”

Who is Justin Hartley dating now?

Justin has a new woman in his life: Sofia Pernas. He was spotted giving her a kiss by TMZ back in May. Sofia Pernas is an actress, currently appearing on the CBS adventure drama Blood & Treasure. The two have a history together: Sofia and Justin were on The Young and the Restless at the same time back in 2016.

What’s going on with Chrishell now?

Well, she’s not happy with Christine, that’s for sure! After Season 3 wrapped production, Christine gave an interview to Page Six wherein she claimed that Chrishell and Justin were going to couples’ therapy before he filed for divorce. Chrishell has been vocal about how she is very much not into her co-star and co-worker Christine talking publicly about the divorce.

If Selling Sunset gets a Season 4, things will be very tense between these two!

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