Google Calendar for Android and iOS gains integration with Tasks

Google launched the Google Tasks application for Android and iOS in April 2018, which is also integrated into the Calendar version on the web. But now Google has integrated Google Tasks into Android and iOS applications as well, allowing the user to create and view tasks from a smartphone on Google Calendar.

This integration should also eliminate the need to have the Tasks application installed on your smartphone, since you can now create new tasks and view existing tasks in the Calendar application.

To add a new task to the Calendar in the mobile applications, just touch the create button in the lower right corner, touch ‘Task’, fill in the details and save. Needless to say, the tasks we add to the calendar will be automatically synchronized on the smartphone and the desktop.

Google Calendar for Android and iOS gets integration with Tasks

This new feature is already being released for Android and iOS and is expected to reach all G Suite customers and personal Google accounts within two weeks.



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