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The Global Drug Abuse Testing Market was valued at USD 2,161.6 Mn in 2019 and projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.9% over the forecast period. Growth of the drug abuse testing market is attributed mainly due to increase in usage of alcohol, cannabinoids, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and other illicit drugs in various countries across the globe.

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In drug abuse testing confirmations, amphetamines, opiates, alcohol, cocaine, and cannabis accounts to have 80.8% market share in the global drug abuse testing market. Amphetamines are mostly abused drug in various countries especially USA and China. In 2019, the global drug abuse screening market was valued at USD 1,975.2 and drug confirmation volume was around 14.9 Million.

The amphetamines abuse is gradually increasing due to increase in number of prescriptions for amphetamines. In 2018, more than 2 Million tests of methamphetamine drug confirmations taken place at a global level. Next to methamphetamine, ETG, 9-THC and 6-monoacteylmorphine are the most common analytes that are confirmed in the global drug abuse testing market.

Global Drug Abuse Testing market was segmented based upon the drug class, technology, sample, country and end user level.

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North America holds the major market share in drug abuse testing in terms of value and volume

United States accounts to have major market share in the North America market. In 2019, more than 124 million drug abuse tests have been carried out in the United States. Among all the drug classes, Amphetamines dominated the market in 2018 with an approximate share of 20% followed by Opiates with 18%, Alcohol Abuse with 15%, and Cannabinoids with 14% share

Marijuana is the most used psychotropic drug in the United States, after alcohol. The medical emergencies possibly related to marijuana use have also increased due to increased potency of marijuana. Medically, marijuana is used for stress and pain relief and to increase appetite. Recreationally, marijuana is used for its calming effects and to achieve the notorious “high.” However, the marijuana-related emergency room admissions are increasing due to adverse reactions, malicious poisoning and accidental ingestion. Quest diagnostics and LabCorp are the top drug abuse testing laboratories in the United States. Alere is also offering toxicology services apart from the drug abuse testing kits in the United States.

Growing Number of Drug Users Across the Globe

Increase in the consumption of alcohol and other illicit drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, heroin, and opiates is a major factor surge the growth of global drug abuse testing market over the forecast years. For instance, according to UNODC 2017, approximately 271 Mn people had used drugs per year. However, the number of drugs is gradually increasing due to rapid growth in population and unemployment are contributing for the drug abuse testing growth around the world. Cannabis is the highly used illicit drug with an estimated of approximately 188 Mn people per year around the world. In 2016, approximately 13.8 Mn or 5.6 percent of young people aged 15-16 had used cannabis at least once in the year across the globe. In Oceania, the past-year prevalence rate for that age group was 11.4 per cent; in the Americas, 11.6 per cent; in Africa, 6.6 per cent; in Europe, 13.9 per cent; and in Asia, 2.7 per cent.

Urine sample dominates the global drug abuse testing market

Urine sample is highly preferred for initial screening and confirmation. In terms of value, Urine sample accounts to be more than USD 1 Billion in 2019. However, the adoption of saliva samples for the screening is expected to create lucrative opportunities over the future years due to manipulation or adulteration of urine sample with synthetic urine by the drug abusers. Saliva/Oral fluids is an easy non-invasive collection and shorter window of drug detection. Many countries are planning to mandate the saliva/oral fluids drug testing over the years. Blood drug testing is invasive, and these are performed in emergency room admissions. For alcohol testing, blood samples are preferred to detect the alcohol levels.

Market Players Operating in Drug Abuse Testing Market : Accuquik Test Kits, Advin Biotech, Alere, Inc. (Abbott), Alfa Scientific Designs, Inc., Andatech, ARK Diagnostics, Biopanda Reagents, Beckman Coulter, BTNX, Inc., Corolina Liquid Chemistries, Chromsystems, Inc., Co-Innovation Biotech Co., Ltd., Confirm Biosciences, Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics Inc., Diasystems Scandinevia AB, Germaine Laboratories, Inc., Innovative Testing Solution, Immunostics, Inc., Medacx Ltd., Meridian Healthcare srl, Mossman Associates, Orasure Technologies, Inc., Pharmatech, Inc., Premier Biotech, Prospectol, Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, Roche Diagnostics, Sekisui Diagnostics, Siemens Healthineers, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. Confirm Biosciences, and Neogen.

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