Dr. G’s CBD Has Big Plans For The Coming Year

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Doctor G’s CBD is ready to expand its business, with plans to strengthen its online availability of all of its CBD products. Throughout the past year, e-commerce availability in the United States has taken precedence over in-store purchases, making this an integral time to place online selling at the forefront of any business model. All of the CBD tinctures and creams made by Dr. G’s are currently available for purchase online, through their niche CBD industry sources, but the company is ready to expand its reach in the near future.

In 2020 online sales of CBD products have increased exponentially, and market predictions indicate that this figure will increase in the years to come. The expected revenue from CBD and CBD products could be over eighty-nine billion dollars by the year 2026. These statistics come as no surprise considering that CBD products comprise a hefty percentage of all online purchases, making this an opportune time for Dr. G’s to focus on online expansion.

More people staying at home has had a profound effect on the online retail market, but even before ordering online was the safest option, many CBD brands have taken the opportunity to stake their claim in the online retail market, generating an explosion of vetted and reviewed websites created exclusively for customers to review their favorite CBD brands.

In a vast and often confusing market, Dr.G’s products have an edge over their competition because their company was founded by healthcare professionals. Doctor Jeffery Gamble has over forty years of experience in chiropractic medicine and started Dr. G’s as a way to give his patients the best in holistic care.

Dr. G’s prides themselves on their unique and effective CBD products that stand up to the standards of high-grade CBD. Dr. G’s is the perfect marriage of modern scientific research into the benefits of CBD and natural wellness, as used by Dr. Gamble himself. With more and more brands on the market today, the CBD industry is constantly flooded with products that don’t meet the needs of their customers.

For this reason, Dr. Gamble wanted to bring quality to customers at an affordable price, with an appealing twist. Dr. G’s CBD comes in a unique, natural strawberry flavor to make it not only palatable but pleasant for customers to hold under their tongue.

Dr. G’s provides an exceptional product experience and stringent product testing because they are serious about their role as a trusted name in the world of natural health.

All of the products in the Dr. G’s line are currently available for online purchase, with increased e-commerce availability expected as soon as this year.

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