Do I have a problem?

Hi. I’ll try to nake it as short as possible:

I’m a 24 y.o guy, 1.87m, 100kg, takes 3 prozacs a day + one Wellbutrin after trying several other medications for major depression and minor ocd. Current meds doesn’t help, too (might be changing again, soon, unrelated).

I finished my 3 years of military service on May2018, and started smoking pot around this time.

Was only when I met friends, or went to concerts (heavy metal, blends well), and my joints are mixed with tobbaco for price (illegal here).

Later on I wanted to smoke by myself so I started smoking alone, too.

For the past year~ I smoked one joint every other evening, and few months ago (like 6) it became every evening.

I’m starting to think if that’s bad, or if I’m addicted, because here’s why: (Reminding depression and OCD here);

I really like it. It makes me feel slightly better, and gives me peace. I go to sleep way more easily than before, and I have no nightmares (for some reason most of my dreams were nightmares… I have no ptsd) – so how couldn’t I like it?

It makes me feel easier about my mind, and I deal with stuff better.

But I started to notice I smoke it every day, and I wonder if that means I’m addicted, or if it’s bad for me.

You should know: It never disturbed my life or job.

99% of the times are when I’m chilling after work or weekend, never ‘had’ to have one before work or anything.

All of the joints are kinda light, and mixed with tobacco. Like 45/55%(55 for tobacco).

When I’m thinking for myself “maybe I should not smoke today, just because I have been smoking every night for the past month or two”, I also think “well why would I try to stop? I enjoy it and there are barely stuff I enjoy anyways + I finally don’t wanna kill myself every night until I fall asleep.”, Which I also think might be an addicted person’s mind. I don’t know. That’s why I came here.

Once my supply ran out and I didn’t smoke for a few days as a trial and I wasn’t too bothered, I just felt like “well I would like one”. I bought supplies the next day and continued.

You think I have a problem?

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