Discord raid planner / scheduler bot

This seems to be the most appropriate subforum to share this. I have developed a discord bot that will help you organize raids. It has been running privately for a while, but it is finally becoming a public bot, meaning it can be invited to your own discord server as well. It is a pet project of mine running on a tiny server but I believe as long as this doesn’t prove too popular and you don’t spam it too much, it will have the capacity to handle multiple discord servers.

When you post a raid via the bot it will look like this:

Members of your discord with access to the channel can click the class emoji(s) to sign up for the raid and it will list them as available. Everything is configurable. (Server time, time zones to display, etc..)

If you think this may be of interest to you feel free to join the support server to play around with, ask questions about and find the link to invite the bot to your own server.


A more detailed description of the bot’s commands (as of version 3.7.0) will follow here.

There is the basic !raid command that takes three argument: the raid name, the raid tier and the raid time.
Example: !raid rem t2 Saturday 8pm
If you do not specify a day it will default to today and if you do not specify a time zone it will default to your time zone if you have set it (see below) and server time otherwise.

Next, every raid in the game can also be scheduled via a shortcut command that only takes one argument: the time.
!anvil tomorrow 6pm
!rem Sunday 14:00
(The list of all shorthand commands can be found here.)

It will get the raid name from the command you used and it will attempt to get the tier from your discord channel name. For example if the channel is named t2-raids or t2-crew, it will schedule a t2 run. Otherwise it will default to a t1 run.

In both cases you will get a raid posted as shown in the image above.
The class emoji let you sign up with that class. The check mark emoji signs you up with all your (previously used) classes. The cancel emoji cancels your availability.
The tools emoji lets you update the raid settings such as the tier, the bosses and the time. (This is only usable by ‘raid leaders’, more on that later.)
The pickaxe emoji lets you pick a lineup for your raid, should you wish to. (Also only ‘raid leaders’.)

The !roles command shows which classes you currently have according to the bot (it will use these when you sign up with the check mark) and also gives you to option to reset them all.

There are some more settings commands:

!leader lets you specify the name of your ‘raid leader’ role. For certain commands the bot will check if you have the ‘raid leader’ role. By default it will check for a role named ‘Raid Leader’, but this command lets you change that to any other name.

!servertime lets you specify which time zone the server is in. This defaults to New York.

!displaytimes lets you specify which time zones to display (in addition to server time). This defaults to Sydney, London and Los Angeles if not specified.

!timezone lets you specify in what time zone the bot should interpret your commands. This defaults to server time if not specified.

(All time zone information is handled via cities so it automatically adjusts for daylight savings time instead of requiring you to change e.g. EST to EDT.)

!prefix lets you change the prefix to something else. For example if you do !prefix ?, now all commands need to be prefixed with ? instead of !.

Finally you can do !help to get an overview of all commands and, for example, !help timezone if you want instructions for the timezone command.

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