Differences Between Vaping CBD and CBD Drops (Oils)

You may have heard CBD is an excellent way to alleviate a lot of chronic symptoms from anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, etc. But perhaps you are unsure what products will work best for you or how to take them. This article will cover the two primary methods of consuming CBD. Both vaping CBD and taking CBD orally.

An article by Forbes which breaks down a survey to gauge the effectiveness of CBD among users reported that vaping CBD is the primary method of intake. Followed closely by ingestion through drops and oils.

There is no correct way to take CBD. The differences in administering CBD to your bloodstream will vary depending on your needs. Vaping CBD in the form of an eliquid, ejuice, or some other vape-capable oil will have the benefit of providing the effects user’s are looking for very quickly, within 5 to 15 minutes. The reason for this is that the “bio-availability” of CBD is much higher when vaporized than when ingested orally.


Bio-availability refers to the efficiency at which the product you are consuming enters your bloodstream, and starts doing its magic (whether it’s CBD, coffee, or anything else). Compared to oral drops or edibles, vaping is 3 to 4 times as bio-available. No single compound when taken either through vaporization, or orally, will be 100% utilized. Roughly 15% of the CBD taken through oils will enter your bloodstream, while it is up to 60% when vaporized. The reason for this is that when taken orally, oils have to first pass through your stomach, intestines, and liver. A lot of it gets filter out, and the process takes considerably longer, 30 to 60 minutes longer.

This is likely the reason so many individuals have taken to vaping CBD rather than taking it through droppers or edibles. Often, those looking for the benefits CBD may provide are looking for relief from anxiety or chronic pain. A fast acting solution is something highly desirable.

Vaping is ideal for being on the go, during times when you anticipate acute symptoms of anxiety, or if you’re looking for something to take the place of what might be a bad habit like smoking! Many of our customers have reported their interest in vaping CBD is due to the variety of flavors available. Vaping CBD can be a pleasurable experience besides a relieving one. CBD oils taken under the tongue can have a very strong “planty” or “earthy” taste that some find undesirable. Vaping is an excellent replacement for that. If you’re totally new to the word of vaping, have no fear. We’ve written a comprehensive beginner’s guide to get you started.

CBD Oil Benefits

Of course, this does not mean the oils and droppers are inferior. If you are looking to get help with sleep for instance, vaping will assist in falling asleep, but perhaps not maintain good sleep. Easy come, easy go, when it comes to vaping. While the effects are almost immediate, they are quick to dissipate over time. The length of the effects when taking CBD orally will be extended compared to vaping. For this reason, it may be a preferred option for insomnia related issues or long-term chronic pains.

Regardless of your needs, we have you covered. Living Lotus CBD Co offers an extensive catalogue of succulent vape flavors of CBD. All of our CBD vape is homogenized using lab grade equipment over several hours. Our solution is stable and smooth, and with the perfect hit of flavor. You may also be interested in our tinctures, as well. You can view lab results for all our products here to ensure potency.

If have any questions or concerns, feel free to give our FAQ page a browse, or contact us directly!

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