Decibel Cannabis Company Launches New Concentrates, Vapes, and Beverages

CALGARY, Alberta – Decibel Cannabis Company Inc. (the “Company” or “Decibel”) (TSX-V:DB) (OTCQB:DBCCF), a premium cannabis producer and retailer, is pleased to announce the launch of cannabis derivative products produced at its extraction facility, The Plant.

“Our product strategy is driven by our intimate knowledge of the end consumer through our Prairie Records retail stores,” said Adam Coates, Chief Growth Officer of Decibel. “This position allows for insights such as identifying whitespace opportunities the current market is not fulfilling, and understanding key product attributes consumers are looking for in established formats. With these insights, we are launching black market quality concentrates, high potency, strain specific vapes and the CÜE line of fast acting 10mg THC shot style beverages.”


Product Launch Highlights

10 Product Skus Launched: Achieved its first 57 product sku registrations in Western Canada and a supply agreement with the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation, with 10 skus currently available in cannabis retail stores across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The first shipments of products were delivered in late Q3.

Blendcraft by Qwest Concentrates: Decibel’s first derivative product launches under the Blendcraft by Qwest banner with 4 skus of Wax (crumble) and 4 skus of Shatter. These high potency, in demand concentrates compliment the rare cultivar, craft dried flower products the Company produces under the Qwest Family of Brands.

General Admission Vapes: Decibel has launched its new brand, General Admission, with four strain specific vapes (Berry G 33, Tropic GSC, Lemon Ice and Tropic Thunder) in 0.45g and 0.95g cartridges, and 0.3g disposable formats. With high potency THC dominant and THC/CBD balanced formulations and a strong value-for-price ratio, first shipments of these products have been successful with re-orders from initial product shipments achieved within the first week of launch.

CÜE Fast Acting Cannabis Shots: The Company has entered into a definitive agreement with Origin Scientific Inc., a private Canadian company, to manufacture and distribute CÜE fast acting cannabis shots. CÜE has developed an industry leading, clinically proven and patented nano encapsulation technology that has been formulated into a fast-acting cannabis infused shot style beverage. “CÜE Lemon Tea”, a 59ml cannabis shot with 10mg of THC and 30mg of naturally occurring caffeine is expected to be the initial product offering, which the Company anticipates to be available for sale in November.

About Decibel
Decibel is uncompromising in the process and craftsmanship needed to deliver the highest quality cannabis products and retail experiences. Decibel has three production houses operating or under development along with its wholly owned retail business, Prairie Records. The Qwest Estate in Creston, BC is a licensed and operating 26,000 square foot cultivation space which produces the widely championed, rare cultivar-focused brands Qwest and Qwest Reserve, which are sold in six provinces across Canada. Thunderchild Cultivation, an 80,000 square foot indoor cultivation facility in Battleford, SK is scheduled to be completed and licensed in 2020. The Plant, Decibel’s extraction facility, in Calgary, AB has 15,000 square feet of Health Canada licensed extraction and product development space. This production house will fuel the growth of our brands Qwest, Qwest Reserve, and Blendcraft, into new and innovative product formats like concentrates, vapes, edibles and beyond.

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