Dark Mode is finally coming to Google Maps after a year of waiting

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After almost a year of waiting, Google is finally launching “dark mode” on its Google Maps application.

The deployment of this highly anticipated new feature has started on certain smartphones running Android 10 or Android 11, reports


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The addition of dark mode in the GPS application was announced in October 2019. But for almost a year, only the “navigation mode” benefited from a dark mode, while the “map” view was still lit normally. .

Dark mode is coming to Google Maps for Android ? https://t.co/3ZxbYZyoOu pic.twitter.com/t2Ih4bgV0X

– Clubic (@Clubic) October 1, 2020

Reduce eye strain and conserve battery

This lack will therefore soon be corrected and all devices should be able to benefit from this dark mode in the coming days.

The feature allows both to reduce eye fatigue of users but also to preserve the battery of devices with an OLED screen.

In order to check if your device already has dark mode, you need to go to the settings of the Google Maps app.

You must then click on the “Appearance” section, where a choice between “light” and “dark” is perhaps already offered.

The user can also select “system defaults”, and the application will then conform to general operating system settings.


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