COVID-19 Won’t Stunt Colorado’s Homegrown Marijuana Cultivation Competition

Operating a legal cannabis growing competition in multiple states was tough enough before COVID-19 arrived, but Grow-Off founders Sam Taylor and Jake Browne just keep climbing out of the well. The Colorado-based challenge for a state’s best cannabis cultivators just wrapped up its latest round in the Rockies — this year’s mystery strain and winners will be announced October 24 during the virtual awards show, which includes performances by Rachel Wolfson, David Gborie and Doug Benson — and Taylor and Browne plan to launch their contest in Oklahoma, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Michigan next year after successfully expanding into California and Oregon.

Taylor and Browne, who scientifically test each competitor for yield, potency and terpene count, have seen their fair share of cannabis grown across the county. They have also encountered their fair share of obstacles while trying to host live events during an era of staying home. They moved their hard-seltzer festival, Fizz Fight,…

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